UK Alert system

Will this function on my SailfishOS phone on 23rd April 2023?


It will most likely work in a simmilar manner as it does in Germany - no sound, non persistent notification.
Your feedback ia highly welcome:)


Apparently some phone users in the border region of the Republic of Ireland will receive the UK test message if their closest cell at the time happens to be in Northern Ireland…

Unfortunately in Dublin I’m much too far away to test this out…

I’m looking forward to testing this on two phones next Sunday.

At least they’re not testing it at 4:50 am like they did in Forida yesterday, waking up the entire state in the process :grin:


Florida, I take it? Florida is a retirement home for wealthy, reactionary, Canadians. They are known as Flying Geese, or some such. It is not possible to wake them.

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Neither my two SFOS devices nor any Android phone of all of the people I know went off.
At least we all die together, what a reassuring thought. :grin:

At 3pm today I was at a family gathering and at 3pm most people’s Android/iPhone went off with the alarm whine sound.

My sailfish device did not go off.
Sailfish Xperia 10 III

I can confirm. My Android phone sounded the alert, then showed the message, followed by an audio message read aloud despite the ‘quiet mode’.
Nothing happened on my SFOS phone.

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