UI-Themer missing from OpenRepos

Yes, please :smiley:

I had to reinstall everything after a Sailfish update went avoc and I was not able to find UI-Themer anymore, in addition RPM rebuild doesn’t seems to work for this software.

I didn’t even realized this when I my Android phone broke last summer and I picked up my shelved XA2 with Sailfish on it back to everyday use, with UI Themer already installed way back. Everything just ran smoothly after OS updates and all; I was pretty amazed too when I realized the state of things late in the Fall :slight_smile:

Definitely one of my favourite apps on Sailfish; so much so that I hope I manage to allocate some time during the year to dive deeper into Sailfish and maybe also do some icons…maybe refresh the N9ish icon pack some way. So I must say I’m very happy to see you here @fravaccaro !

I also installed UI Themer, mainly to get smaller Icons (on launcher and the stock browser favs are also 5 in a row). I have no idea why Jolla does not let us decide how big our icons are allowed to be but without that patch the phone is almost unusable cause of huge icons. Now, when I want to use Droid things again, I need to remove thempackages which also would uninstall the themer. I did not do this because I need those smaller icons - so no droid for me. But it would be nice to be able to get it again.

you can get smaller icons, even on 4.x like that:

for smaller android stuff just go to any settings of an android app (under sailfish app settings), open the android settings and hit the SEARCH button, search for “display”, “advanced” and change the size there.

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I was not talking about getting smaller things in droid. I want it on Sailfish and use ui themer therefore. But then it is not possible to use driod because there is some error with themepackage and starting dalvik service as described here Android apps do not start

apozaf wasn’t talking about just Android. He included a quote to my working solution for native Salfish OS DPI changes.

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ty for clearification. sometimes its crap not being able to understand english as good as i should. i missread the quote.

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Is there any way to get the Themer (UI or just cli) working on aarch64? Is the themer still working with 4.x versions?

With 4.1, I still use these commands inspired by UIThemer’s scripts:

devel-su sed -i 's/theme_pixel_ratio$/theme_pixel_ratio_RENAMED/' /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/locks/silica-configs.txt
devel-su dconf update
dconf write /desktop/sailfish/silica/theme_pixel_ratio 1.5
dconf write /desktop/sailfish/silica/icon_size_launcher 151.0
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my answer from 12th may up here is also still working

Somehow my icons got broken and font size very small without even installing UI Themer and such. I can confirm @dumol script working to fix the font size (and restored icons with content pack reinstall). The problem was that restart restores the lock on the dconf setting and just running dconf update was the missing peace.

Also no need for restart to apply font sizes - just restart Lipstick (either from Terminal, or use Sailfish Utilities).

I’ll help if I can. I have a bit much to do, but I can handle scanning bug requests, quick fixes.

If anyone’s been wondering how to change DPI in Aliendalvik on XA2/other devices with Android 10 apps support, this is farly simple: install any launcher (for example, OpenLauncher from F-Droid), open it from apps menu, then open settings app from within the launcher. You’ll be gretted with regular Android settings menu, and from there you can change DPI or text size in accessibility options.

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