UI-Themer missing from OpenRepos

On my XA2 terminal output for “dconf write /desktop/sailfish/silica/theme_pixel_ratio 1.4” :
“error: The operation attempted to modify one or more non-writable keys”

Have I done something wrong?

No, you haven’t. The keys are non-writable by default. I forgot about that, my apologies!

To make them writable, edit (I typically use nano - which you can install with “pkcon install nano”):


and comment both lines with a # so it looks like this:


Reboot your device then try the edits again.

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Unfortunately I’m getting error while executing command. Complains about some missing files. Both XA2 with Pallas-Yllästunturi and Jolla 1 with Nuuksio. Too bad :confused:

Edit: Rebuilding harbour-noto worked fine with XA2 though.

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Thanks for the reply @deprecated
I commented the two lines in /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/locks/silica-configs.txt but i still have the same output from terminal (yes i rebooted before testing :slight_smile:)

Workaround: clockwork from openrepos.

UI themer had a lot of features, not just changing the icons.

Personally I don’t need to change the icons, I would especially like to change the dpi settings, on sailfish like alien dalvik. And change the number of columns and rows of the launcher.
If someone found a solution … thanks to share it :smiley:

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I uploaded the files from my system, I hope that it is enough to run it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing! I think harbour-themepacksupport icons are missing. They are in /usr/share/icons/hicolor: 86x86; 108x108; 128x128; 172x172 and 256x256

Here they are: https://filebin.net/t5yqyea91uafc864


Very cool, thank you!

I did the following:

cp into place, chown -R root:root the appropriate dirs, chmod /usr/bin/sailfishos-uithemer to 755, chmod a+x /usr/share/harbour-themepacksupport/*.sh

and it runs! Copied icons just now. Running the dependency install now, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll update with progress.

Edit: I had to manually install the dependencies, which I pulled from install_dependencies.sh:

pkcon install --allow-reinstall -y sailfish-content-graphics-default-z1.0-base sailfish-content-graphics-default-z1.25-base sailfish-content-graphics-default-z1.5-base sailfish-content-graphics-default-z1.75-base sailfish-content-graphics-default-z2.0-base sailfish-content-graphics-closed-z1.0 sailfish-content-graphics-closed-z1.25 sailfish-content-graphics-closed-z1.5 sailfish-content-graphics-closed-z1.75 sailfish-content-graphics-closed-z2.0

I also did the same for imagemagick:

ssu ar nieldk_obs_arm http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/nielnielsen/sailfish_latest_armv7hl/
pkcon repo-set-data nieldk_obs_arm refresh-now true
pkcon install -y ImageMagick libMagickCore libMagickWand
ssu rr nieldk_obs_arm

Then selected ‘I have already installed the dependencies’

The app runs, and themes show up in the list, but I just get the spinning wheel when trying to apply one… nothing ever happens. I’m sure I’m missing something simple, and I’ll keep messing with it.

Edit 2: None of the actions in the app actually work, including something like the “restart homescreen” function. I think there might be something missing, like a systemctl daemon, etc. I’m poking around the scripts now to see what’s referenced, but as it stands it doesn’t do much.

Edit 3: chmod a+x /usr/share/sailfishos-uithemer/scripts/*.sh actually lets “apply theme” work, but still nothing on restarting homescreen, etc. Still picking through the scripts!


That way is how the app ui themer reacted to the 3.4 update. I could use - without problems - themer without the gui. Sadly after a reflash of the os the app was gone from openrepos too.

These could help you:

  • Install the patch manager 3
  • Open the web catalog
  • Install the patch "Launcher combined (original) from coderus

The patch works with 3.3.0.xx, maybe also with 3.4. and was still being maintained by coderus.


For SFOS 3 it is essential to use the patch from the web catalog, not from Openrepos.

Works not with 3.4 .

OK, then we will wait for an update.


Only two o’s in soon???


Did you succeed or any progress?

Hi Edz, maybe its worth to have a look here:


There you can find “sailfishos-uithemer-2.2.1.tar.gz”.


Thanks @s_mario - but I’m not actually wanting the app, but I’m sure the links will be useful to others :slight_smile:

None yet, unfortunately. Still trying!

Is anyone able to compile the app and build an rpm?

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