Ubuntu touch experience

So, I maintain Fahrplan. I’ve done everything in my power to make sure it should still compile on other platforms. But, I have no idea if it will. Background: Installation on ubuntu touch · Issue #32 · poetaster/fahrplan · GitHub

Does anyone have experience / the means to compile for Ubuntu touch? In theory, Fahrplan should be able to be compiled. But it would not include ALL my changes. Especially the calendar related ones. But MOST changes would be available.

anyone with some ubuntu touch tools on hand?

You can look into pure-maps/packaging/click at master · rinigus/pure-maps · GitHub . Although, Pure Maps for UT is packaged by a dedicated maintainer.

I have a build: fahrplan/clickableCustomBuild.sh at master · poetaster/fahrplan · GitHub

and a corresponding config: fahrplan/clickable.json at master · poetaster/fahrplan · GitHub

But no means to test em. Nor that much time. Anyone? :0