Twitter feed doesn't show/update anymore on events screen

REPRODUCIBILITY: 100% (at the moment)
REGRESSION: Happened first time about a week ago after working fine for years


Twitter feed doesn’t update / show anymore on events screen. I noticed that Twitter feed didn’t update anymore on last weekend. I tried to remove Twitter account (btw: settings / accounts tab kind of freezes when deleting Twitter account, however, with some time it appears to delete it). However, after adding the account back, I couldn’t see Twitter section (or the tweets) on evens screen at all. It’s like the account would be on disabled state, even if it’s enabled (and re-created), or it just cant fetch any new tweet content to show anymore. Manual account synchronization, waiting or booting the phone doesn’t help. I’ve also tried to add the account with username and with e-mail address as account name.


Have a Twitter account.


  1. Go to settings and add Twitter account
  2. Make sure that you have selected options to sync/download tweets
  3. Go to Events screen, latest tweets should appear there


Events screen’s Twitter feed should show content and update periodically.


Twitter feed doesn’t show/update on events screen.




It’s surely related to the new expansive API wished by Musk.

I was just about to post about this. Yes same for me

i’ve also got the same problem

And me. It seems like this feature is now dead. Would be really good if Jolla could now replace it with an rss feed(s) of your choice like the old Nokia N9 did.


Would be really good if Jolla could now replace it with an rss feed(s) of your choice

Oh yes! That’s a really good idea.

I think we can definitely forget the twitter feed directly on the event view.

If that’s the case, I’d still hope that Jolla would at least briefly study if there is a way to make Twitter feed work, or is the (free) API really that closed or even non-existent now?

RSS would be a welcome feature on Events screen, I’ve missed it too since N9 days, but it was 10 years ago… Sad to say but honestly I’m not holding my breath that Jolla would implement RSS feed on events screen any time soon (if ever), as we should have it already there by now :confused: Well, we can still hope for it. Using a separate app (Tidings for example, which is a really great app, don’t get me wrong) isn’t really a same thing as using the events screen to access effortlessly our RSS feeds.

Well, at long Musk is behind Twitter we shouldn’t lose time with his garbage. But that’s my opinion.

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This is very much unsupported. Let’s see what can do.


Is there an update in the pipe? The problem still persists on At my Twitter (X) account, the Jolla app is registered correctly in the settings. So it’s just an API correction needed?

Hi @playforvoices . It’s not just an API correction that is needed. Twitter / X changed read API on Twitter API v2 to read-limit per month model and introduced a pricing model. The free version is write-only API.

Ah, so if I want to see the feeds on my phone, I have to change to the payment option?

We as Twitter / X app developers would need to pay from it and it’s quite pricey.


What about changing it to somet\ing federated like friendica or mastodon?it would be nice now that twitter isn’t an option anymore…

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What do you mean “changing”? It’s not like they have the same API and you could just rename it and change the address. It would take quite a bit of implementation.

Yeap, different implementation it is for sure.

From here you can find sync services themselves GitHub - sailfishos/buteo-sync-plugins-social


I know, but still it would be nice, especially considering twitter is no more now

Of course i’m not expecting, for a thing like this, to be released in 4.6, i know it takes time

It was just an idea