Twitter Event Page: Swap to mastodon

After Twitter is killing all API support it would be nice to swap to a generic mastodon interface on the event page instead maybe with the possibility to directly click into tooter or the browser interface the personal instance.


This might be an unpopular opinion but the OS doesn’t need/shouldn’t have any social media support “build in”.

That functionality -events page- should be supported through apps.


And a proper plugin system for the event view


I’m working on improving notifications in tooter, but those depend on the app running. I imagine you mean a polling done by the os itself? EDIT, I only use caldav/cardav and nextcloud accounts so have no experience with the twitter account in sfos.

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I thought the honey moon with mastodon has passed already.
It doesn’t replace twitter.

Threads yay, sell your soul to Zuck, the whole chimpout because their recent green energy guru turned free speech activist is hilarious


Q: How to permanently remove / deinstall the options “Fruux Google Memotoo Twitter VK Yahoo” from Settings / Accounts / Add Account ?

Can we please have an option to install / configure a SFTP based NAS account?


Well, I’ve never really used my twitter account to do anything other than collect supercollider tweets.

Mastodon I actually use to keep up with people who would largely have been drowned in the algo on twitter. So, for me, twitter was a non-starter and Masto has a function. Most of the people who cross post Masto <-> Twitter appear to have an economic incentive to do so. Or a very large ego.

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who cares about algo, just read your own timeline of people you follow.
I’ve been doing it for 15 years, nothing’s changed.

broken Cawbird cause of API changes, on the other hand is a real PITA

In any case, it really makes no sense to have stale twitter notifications in there. Maybe also an unpopular opinion, but Jolla could bring back the old style (MeeGo/N9) RSS based event viewer, or whatever it’s called? Perhaps, combine that with a specific application API or a plugin system, as proposed by tortoisedoc, and we would have a robust and independant events page, that can be tailored per users’ needs.


Not sure about “proper” but there is a plugin system for the eventsview.
It’s backend is libsocialcache, in combination with buteo.

I have dabbled with creating GitHub notifications integration using those components. In theory one could build something similar to the Twitter (or VK, Facebook…) integration also for Mastodon.

Most of the components are open source, with the exception of the eventsview-extensions and jolla-settings-accounts-extensions packages I think, but that can be done also.


That’s impossible now, with Twitter (X) algo injecting “verified” content and re-ordering content at will. It was a long time ago the feed was in chronological order.

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I recall back in the days of SFOS 1.0, there was such thing, yes, but not sure if there was some limitations, perhaps on the packages you mentioned…

Nice, thanks for the info!

I don’t know. There are 2 tabs: “For you” and “Following”, the latter one behaves ok IMHO.

PS Last years I’ve used Cawbird app on Linux, that always had chronological order and no “promoted” content. So those who wanted to struggle, did struggle, I guess.

I wonder what @BlacksheepGER was using in SailHub | — Community Repository System he mentions he wasn’t happy with notifications but … haven’t had time to look.

Is the libsocialcache part really necessary (I guess it’s just two files?) … looking at it’s not such a lot to build a mastodon version.

I guess what mostly get’s me is that, ideally, I’d implement Amber Auth for tooter and, perhaps, extend the dbus notifications mechanism. The ‘Account’ based integration is a completely different path. Hmm.

I can’t comment on design principles of that system, but IMO at least the “cache-some-data-in-db” part makes sense: it allows clients using it to show and interact with content while offline, and can launch a proper/“rich” client (Browser/Email/App/…) later. Which is cool, IMO.

WRT authentication, I think there is some functional overlap (duplication?) between Amber and the Accounts system in that both can manage OAUTH and client/API secrets etc., but as you say it’s a different path.

Ok, this is where I was a bit confused since libsocial cache seems to only store notifications where twitter (et. al.) are concerned. Which is not a bad thing, just I wasn’t even able to find the relationship when examining but I’m probably not seeing the forest for the trees?

yeah, I’m in a Quandry about this. Currently, the way it’s done in tooter is not the safest way to do OAUTH to obtain a key. Amber is theoretically better though I’m not so sure it isn’t in fact safer to do things in the ‘small’ code base tooter context than in a big old bad browser. I’m not really convinced Amber offers real security benefits since it’s more complicated and involves a huge code base (external browser vs. internal webview) instead of little old tooter. Though the webview really is the same old bad old browser. I guess one could try to delegate authentication with buteo, but I don’t think that’s the idea? I assume that one ends up with auth credentials in multiple (ie. .local/share/system/privileged) and application specific.

I suppose, it could also be seen as an extension since it does caching and could support opening with different clients as the user chooses. Most of the code from the twitter buteo plugin could be re-used. hmmm.

It’s probably more useful to look at the VK and Facebook integrations for examples, as they are more featureful.

Socialcache can handle different types of data, like “Posts”, “Contacts”, “Notifications” or “Images”, and Buteo can do different types of “sync” via its plugins, some of which intersect with the Socialcache types (e.g. “Notifications”, “Posts”, “Images” are in both, but “Backup” or “Calendar” is only in Buteo). (And in addition we have Accounts, which have service profiles, including “posts” and “microblogging” :wink: ).

There was a News article talking about Buteo in more detail, maybe that’s useful. It has a nice picture at least:

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Thanks! I’ll just do some more digging after the holidays!