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HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X
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Twitter account won’t take my credentials


Have a twitter account previously configured


  1. Have a twitter account with outdated credentials / logged out
  2. Try to login from the web page by providing the same credentials


The account logs in with the given credentials. The twitter feed is updated correctly.


The account fails on login with “An error happened. Do not fret just yet…”


There is internal bug JB#55800 which seems to be related to this, I believe it will be fixed in 4.4.0. From what I can tell, it is related to the user agent string being used.


Can it be fixed by patching/ configuring the ua?

Aside from the UA, it seems like there was another issue also, related to sidebar loading. Both should be fixed in 4.4.0. So, unfortunately, no I don’t think it can be resolved entirely by updating the UA.

I have a similar issue.
Events view wasn’t updating tweets anymore since 2 days.
I delete my twitter account.
But I cannot add it anymore, it fails after accepting the conditions with an error “error with the account, unable to create the account”. It does not ask for creds though.
Xperia Xa2 with sailfish 4.3

Are you still seeing this issue? Just tested with clean 4.3.0 release (Finland) without having existing Twitter login and I got logged in. Do you have saved the credentials? Whilst it should not matter but worth checking if Browser → Menu → Settings → Password and cleaning twitter login would make any difference. I’d not be surprised if that would alter a bit login path.

Worth noting as well that in the past, I have seen that dnses have served different cached content depending on your location.

Just to clarify; the issue is on the twitter account, i.e. the one from the System’s settings “Accounts” section.
EDIT : still same problem keeps happening. Some weeks ago (before chirstmas I recall), the login page was not showing at all.

Well herpderp. Just installed SFOS on my new xperia 10 ii; and the same bug shows, but in this case if the password is wrong).