Twitter account: Filling out credentials is a pain in the A*

It is nearly impossible to fill out the credentials of a twitter account if all data must be imported from other sources (password safe, otp safe).

For me it is a re-login (though the account is still working – buuuug?). The following needs to be done:

  • Open SailOTP and navigate to your otp data
  • Open ownKeepass and navigate to your password
  • Settings → Accounts → Click on “Account is not logged in”
  • Switch to ownKeepass, copy user name
  • Switch to Settings and paste it
  • Switch to ownKeepass, copy your password
  • Switch to Settings and paste it, select “Stay logged in” or so
  • Ok
  • Switch to SailOTP and remember your actual number (cannot be copied…)
  • Swtch to Settings and paste it
  • OK

This will never work. When you switch to a safe and back you will have the following problems:

  • The keyboard is defocused and cannot be re-focused
  • When the keyboard is focused the clipboard may be lost
  • The next focus will not happen after getting the next cred data from outside.

Chance to get all focused and filled out: < 10%

Deep inside i want to believe this is a deliberate design decision to save the users from the decease twitter is. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I would be happy to re-route the links in the event list to my own nitter system but that is another story.

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+1 nitter. I copy all links from people (mostly journalists) and transform them with js to a nitter host. sigh.

And you do that on SFOS? How?

Myself I use a privoxy filter to do the same but privoxy definitely isn’t for everyone.

I also use privoxy :slight_smile: Having a dedicated server sure helps. But I have a javascript shim on desktop machines. Although I’m going to go back to privoxy for those to.

EDIT: should we have a how-to to do user js/css on sailfish browsers?

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Definitely. And possibly one for privoxy recipes as well.

Actions Files :slight_smile: But yeah, I’ve just been using it so long combined with curated host lists that it’s banal. But really old fashioned. I honestly don’t know any other resources but man and the user manual online? hmmmm. I think wiki development is coming at us as it’s been in discussion vis. topics like ports so maybe we can start there soon?