Twint on Sailfish OS

Twint is getting more and more important in Switzerland for small payments.

I could install a version of Twint for my Bank downloading from Aptoide (I also have microG running). Is there any experience out there? Is it reliable?



You should use Aurora Store instead of Aptoid. I use Raiffeisen Twint and never got a problem.

Not sure, but perhaps you have to install microG.

Twint runs fine for me. I have the ZKB app and microG running. One issue is, that the ZKB Twint app is neither available on Aurora nor from the ZKB site. I have to install it on another Android device, extract the apk installer and transfer it to the sailfish device.

On Aurora there is a spoofing manager (menu burger top left → Spoofing manager → Xperia 5 Dual). I don’t know how it exactly works, but I think most important is to choose a device using a recent API.

After you changed your identity, you have to log out again or close/open Aurora.

Have you security concerns about Aptoide? I may use Aurora, of course. No problem. I have UBS so the specific apps seems to be available almost everywhere. I tried to download directly from Google Playstore. But it doesn’t install although I’ve set up microG and spoofing correctly, AFAIK.