Twilight - blue light filter


I installed application Twilight, which is blue light filter.
But I cannot give him permission to filter my screen.
I got message Feature not available. And therefore application is useless.

Does anybody has clue how to overcome this problem ?

Or do you know some other similar working app on sailfish ?

Thank you

–sony xperia xa2
–Sailfish version

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tint overlay @ openrepos does the job, thx to coderus.

sorry for question, what is openrepos ? How can I install/access it ?
So far I have f-droid, but there is no tint overlay.

thank you

open repos is the community repository for native apps.
You can go to and download the installer for the storeman app, which lets you access the apps easily. Mind that these apps are unreviewed and do not underly any Jolla security policies!


super. Installed and it works !
Thank you