Tutanota does not work anymore

Tutanota is, like many others, updating its app regularly. Since a few months I cannot use this mail service app on my Sailfish phone anymore. Am I the only one?

No, you’re not the only one.

Hi, You’re not the only one. Tutanota app is not working. The reason is webview. It would be good if this could be fixed.

If you install Tutanota app from F-droid, it works

Works for me only up to version 3.109.4.

Tutanota can’t help here either, they do not support SailfishOS officially.
(mails unreadable on android app · Issue #5246 · tutao/tutanota · GitHub)

So we need a way to update Webview!

Since a few days also this older version doesn’t work anymore. Seems like Tutanota is blocking it on server side. Latest version of the app only shows a text which tells it doesn’t work anymore with a link to their FAQs mentioning outdated Webview.
So all we can do now is to wait for an update of Android Webview.