Turn off vibration only in certain ambiences

Is there a way to disable vibration per-ambience? I’d like to have a both a “silent but with vibration” ambience in which my Jolla vibrates whenever a phone call comes, and a “really silent” one in which it doesn’t.

There’s a dropdown menu “vibration” under “sounds and feedback” in the settings app, but I do not see a way to configure individually for an ambience.


I don’t think that’s possible.

You can set Vibration in Settings to ‘only when sounds on’ and then set ringtone volume in the ambience to zero.
That gives the Silent ambience.

Maybe its enough for you to have another with ringtone volume really low, that would then vibrate but almost not ring.

You can try playing around with the profileclient cli tool, maybe that can be of help somehow .

In addition to what nephros said, you can also choose “no sound” as a sound in ambiences.

  • silent with vibration:

    • settings
      sounds: vibration only when sounds on
    • ambience
      ringtone, message, chat, …: no sound
      volume: 20% or 100% or whatever
  • silent without vibration:

    • settings
      sounds: vibration only when sounds on
    • ambience
      volume: 0%
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Thanks; I’ll try it!

for silent with vibration:
what about choosing an empty (silent) music file and use that?

Never tried, but that should work as well.

Good idea, and there is the ’ no sound’ setting for each of the tones .