Turn off the Flashlight, Mute and "Do not disturb" from Lockscreen


I`m new at this Forum an this is may first Feature request here.

It`s about the functions you can read in the Headline to turn them off directly from your lock-screen. Because this are the only thinks you can use without entering your Security code.

For example the Flashlight:

  1. swipe down the top-Menu to turn it on.

Left Picture Off - right Picture On

  1. swipe down the top-menu to turn it off.

This way is too long for quickly deactivate the Flashlight I think. I created the picture below of my idea to turn it off from the Lock-Screen

The idea is to swipe up the button to turn the Flashlight off and if you have done it the button will disappear automatically.


By this way you would save one swipe. Fine!

This was one of my ideas I had. An other thing is it`s easier to reach the button with one hand.

Let’s see if the idea finds its way into sailfish.

Why not just display a simple button for tapping instead of swiping, while the flashlight is on?

For unmuting your device, you can also use the hardware volume buttons. So there is no need for an extra button in this case IMHO.

What should be improved however is the ability to access the top menu by swiping down from anywhere inside the lock screen, like it is already possible on the home screen.

One can already add apps in the lock screen pulley menu in Settings->Lockscreen, but what is missing is a suitable torch app. At least none in Store work in X10.

But running apps this way require unlocking the lockscreen, i.e. security key or fingerprint. At least, apps that open a window. Not handy.

Swiping is more funny than tab :wink:

right, but it is an alternate. And for muting your device you can also use the hardware button.

You are right.

I don`t agree. The advantage is you can ad your favorite 3 apps to it and save searching it on the app grid.

There used to be an action to mute notifications in the lockscreen pulley menu, but it was removed when the top menu was implemented. A shame, because I find it a lot easier and faster to pull down from the middle of the screen than to pull down from the top. It’s probably technically still possible to add an ‘action’ rather than an ‘application’ to the lock screen pulley menu, all that would be needed is for someone to create a patch with ‘actions’ to enable/disable the flashlight, mute/unmute and other things that could be useful.

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I succeeded in using dbus to operate the torch. Doesn’t require unlocking == handy. Hopefully I have time this weekend to search for dbus to mute the phone. Then publish a patch.


Available now in Patchmanager webcatalog, or from GitHub - hsjpekka/sfos-patch-torch-on-lockscreen: Switch torch on/off or mute/unmute the phone using the pulley menu on the lock screen., for 3.4 and 4.1.
Toggles torch and mute.
4.1.* was not available in the PM2 project page, so I marked it compatible with 4.0.xx - but I don’t know if it is.

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