Trying to port on Moto Z Play

Hi everyone !

I’m currently trying to port sailfish 4 on my old Moto Z Play (codename addison), but as a complete newbie on the subject, I’m struggling.
There’s already a build of Sailfish available (found at sailfishos-porters-ci / addison-ci · GitLab ), and I wanted to rely on it to port version 4. But as it is run by gitlab-ci, I don’t really know what I can do.

Relying on another post on this topic, I also found this github repo : GitHub - NotKit/droid-config-addison , and I was wondering if I could update it to maybe build a Sailfish 4 image ?

The only other way I found to achieve my goal is by using a Lineage 18.1 image (available for my device) to build the sailfish image (according to the official “Sailfish OS HADK Documentation”), but this process seems to be pretty painfull, and I honestly don’t understand a lot of it.

I hope to have been clear enough, and thank you by advance for your help !

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You start by reading the .gitlab-ci file, it loads a bash script with variables and runs another bash script.

Fork the gitlab repo on gitlab and it will be executed ( build), look for ‘pipelines’

Modify the file with the variables and see what happens

Try following the jolla@ file, it leads to some repositories on obs.

Come back with further questions :grinning:

Thank you very much for your help ! :smile:

I cannot run pipelines on gitlab right now (it’s asking for my credit card, and I forgot it…)
But I managed to run the same build process through the docker image called by the CI.

I “faked” a little bit the .ks file to make it download the files for addison while downloading common files of version, but now I have two problems (probably linked) when I run mic :

1 - One of the repository listed in the ks file ( is not available anymore
2 - Mic returns me an error :

repo problem: nothing provides ‘droid-system-addison’ needed by the to be installed pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-addison-1+master.20181113113115.04f8923-1.3.2.jolla.noarch

I believe this package is supposed to be on the offline server.

So my question is : do you know if I can retrieve this package by another way ? I have a zip image of version 2.1.7, so maybe it’s somewhere inside.

I’m starting to believe that I will have no other choice but to create this port from scratch using the PDF manual

For those interested, I’m currently following the HADK tutorial, and can’t really move very fast in this project due to hardware limitations of my low-end computer. But I’m understanding the process more and more, and hope to get it done as soon as possible !