Trying to open camera using one hand when device is locked is almost impossible

HARDWARE: Xperia 10


Normally we can open camera when device is locked swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Trying to do this with one hand it’s quite hard up to impossible. Sometimes it work after changing the handle but it’s still a lottery, more often the screen changes like doing left/right swap instead of opening the camera.


Lock the screen
Hold the phone in the middle not from the bottom


  1. Lock the phone
  2. press power button once so the screen lights up but doesn’t unlock
  3. hold the phone in one hand can be right hand in the middle like with full grab so you can kind of reach top and the bottom of the screen
  4. swipe the thumb normally without breaking it, from the bottom to open the camera


Camera opened


Screen switches left of right, depends




I think the problem is related to the way the recognition is done. Holding phone like explained above, prevent from doing straight swipe from bottom to the top. It’s more like angle swipe which starts from the bottom, then it goes a bit into the left and then into right. Probably that’s why the phone recognize left/right swipe instead of showing camera.

This is the problematic hold I’m talking about:

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For me it works 100% when I hold the phone in the right hand, but fails in 99% when trying with the left hand hand😂

But the right hand hand works right away, right? :grin:

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for sure it’s a matter of holding the phone and how big your hand is. But I have another phone where I have no problems with that.

@pherjung why this is not a bug? So I need to what… take a surgery to extend my fingers?
Is this some kind of a joke? There’s a problem with the way it’s handled right now. You need to be super steady and careful to open the camera. This has to be improved so it is a bug.

Well, I never said it’s not a bug. Because we’re a small team and I do it in my free time, I limit to 10 untracked bugs per meeting.
Indeed I said that.

Do not forget, that becoming tracked doesn’t mean it will be solved faster. My aim is just to check if it’s reproducible, complete if necessary and voilà.

Well I can try to make a video from that to should you the problem but on the other hand you could get someone with small hands, he can probably easily repeat the mentioned scenario. The fix is probably “simple”. A gesture need to be a bit extended so it’s not a straight pull but rather it will allow a bit of angle.

Oh… i see it is supposed to be an edge swipe, like when pulling up the app drawer over an app.
Now that i realized that, it is actually pretty okay.
I.e. there is not much straightness required, you just need that the finger coming in from the edge is the only touch event going on.

I don’t think we did understood each other properly :slight_smile:
Right now to open up camera on locked screen I need to swipe my finger from bottom of the screen to the top. I don’t know why but often I can’t get it to work. Instead of getting up camera, the screen is switching between clock and password unlock.

The important distinction i was trying to point out was that it is from outside the bottom of the screen, not just the bottom in general.
And armed with this insight, taking some care not to touch the screen from the sides, it is now easy for me.

the problem I have is that It’s super hard to to touch the screen only using the finger tip. The phone almost have no frames. So this should be accommodated. If you have big hand or long fingers then it’s not an issue. With smaller hand that’s something you need to usually use your second hand which is bad.

Yes, even on my XA2 (which is shorter) I have to make it travel a bit on my other fingers for my tbumb to be low enough to start the move from outside the screen.
If a shock or an unattended vibration occurs at this moment, it could fall.
So this need induces a small risky moment/gestude.

To avoid that, a swipe anywhere, from a low position to a high position on the screen instead of starting from the outer lowest part, would be safer.

Is that what you mean?

I personally stop everything or use both hands when I want to take a picture but I understand your point.

The Pull Eye menu was much better for one hand usage.

The same problem occurs when you want to make a call from contacts app with one hand only…

Adding the Pull Eye menu additionally would solve this problem in a very smart way.

I personally think that the influence of OMP to the design was not beneficial at all.

When you are on the road then you want to use a mobile with one hand mostly.


I don’t know Pull Eye Menu. Was that part of SF one day?

[off topic]
As cyclist, I have to say I’m a bit affraid of drivers using their phones while driving. This generated some hot situations for me.
[/off topic]

The Lock screen shortcuts are a pulley menu.

well what I need is something that would allow me to use as much phone functionality using one hand as possible. Usually I have second hand busy, carrying groceries, opening doors etc.
Two hand usage is for people who are not on the go. And mobile phone is mobile because we use it one the go. The only problem is that phone manufacturers seems to forget about this thing and are making phones that are to big to use. And this is a fact. When screen bigger than 5" where starting to show, a numerous articles mentioned about trials of why it’s to big to use it with one hand. Of course then some tricks has been proposed to minimize the problem which in fact only hide it than solve it.

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well this is no excuse of course. Using phone while driving is a totally separate topic and should not be done at all.

As I wrote ‘on the road’ I had in my mind that you are out side, not driving, cycling, flying or something else.
I’m a glider pilot and using my mobile during a flight is a no go for me.
For taking pictures I use a gopro and for navigation I build myself a flight computer which is mounted in the instrument panel…

But this becomes off toppic :wink:


that’s pretty cool, nicee!

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Mee too, as car or motorbike driver, when cyclists in the city drive with one hand and hold their phones with the other hand.