Trying to downgrade to android 9

Just purchased a xperia 10 plus recently and it came with android 10 already installed. To my understanding it is not a good idea to flash sailfish os if the device is on android 10. So i’m trying to downgrade to android 9 using the emma tool but emma is saying that there is no services available. Any help would be appreciated.

As described in the installation instructions you’ll to use the Emma tool on Windows to downgrade to Android 9:

Keep in mind that is has to be a real Windows host install as the ISB connection gets detected too late in a VM.

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Yes i’ve been trying to use emma but it keeps saying there are no services available after it connects. I am using a genuine windows install.

I’ve used Emma on Win10 in a VM (VMWare Player IIRC) without any issues. Host OS was Win7.

You haven’t mentioned whether bootloader has been unlocked yet on this new device.

Yes the bootloader is unlocked. Everything is ready to go. I only need to downgrade to android 9. Emma connects to the device and the icon turns blue for a second. Then it goes gray and says ni services available.

So you have never glimpsed it showing green yet? Have you tried with phone disconnected from PC depressing both power and volume up/down together until phone vibrates three times then re-attach to USB?

I’m talking about on the emma tool screen. The picture that symbolizes the phone turns blue for a second then grays out.

Does anyone know how to build an AOSP using windows?
I dont have access to a linux machine.

Not having any luck with getting the phone downgraded to android 9. So i might as well sell it and forget about sailfish.