Trying to contact Kallela

One of the apps I’ve used for some years, probably since Jolla 1 days, is Safe-Lite. But having now updated my Xperia X to 4.4, it doesn’t work. It won’t start. I had an email address for the author and I sent him (I’m assuming the author is male) an email last week but I’ve not received a reply and it hasn’t bounced - yet. Does anybody here have any contact details for Kallela? He’s shown on as last having been active in 2014 so I’m not holding out too much hope but you never know.

I can confirm this. I’ve used Safe Lite, which by the way is a fantastic little app, since Jolla1. It has survived all upgrades and updates. Now after upgrading my XA2 to Vanha Rauma 4.4.0 it sadly doesn’t start anymore :frowning:

could one of you post a link? couldn’t find it in store or open repos? I maintain a wiki at: for this sort of thing.

It is in the store. The link from the storepage is a 404, but the latest working version is here:

The OP is using an Xperia X so I assume the architecture isn’t the issue (although there probably will be others who could benefit from a port).

Could this be an issue with Sailjail, considering it has survived every update for 8 years or so?

It is very likely that it’s Sailjail. It could be that just modifying the desktop file is sufficient.

Can you tell me what I have to do to that desktop file please? Having taken several hours to do all the updates after resetting it to 3.2, I’d rather not have to go through all that again if I screw something up.


Once developer mode is enabled, open a terminal and become root.

echo -e "\n[X-Sailjail]\nSandboxing=Disabled" >> /usr/share/harbour-???

I don’t know the correct name, but insert harbour-, then click various time on TAB. It will list all file starting with harbour-. Insert the right name and once it’s complete you should have a filename like harbour-name-app.desktop.

I don’t think that’s going to work. For a start, /usr/share/harbour-safe-lite is a folder so I can’t create a file in the way you describe. Also, is that really the correct place for the .desktop file to reside?

I’m prepared to bow to greater knowledge, but I just don’t think that’s a working solution.

Oh mist, you’re right. I’m sorry.
Should be:


It works! Very many thanks.

Kallela also has/had a account: - Talk - View Profile: Kallela You could try to send a private message there.

Could be a good initiative. At least to get the sources.

Back in 2014, he told me that he no longer listens to talk.maemo and he gave me his private gmail address. I’ve sent a message to that address but although it hasn’t bounced, I have yet to receive a reply. Having now managed to make the app work - thanks again to the people here that provided the information - I can see that the email address he gave me is the same address quoted in the ‘About’ page. His full name is Kalle Lappalainen and so if anybody has any more contact details for him, that would be appreciated by several people seemingly.

As one who is considering buying a 64 bit phone, I too would like to see the app converted to that architecture and so I echo those that would like the sources.

Did the developer ever implement an export facility?

It seems dangerous to have all your passwords saved by an application that doesn’t seem to be supported any longer.

I use Keepassx on pc and ownKeepass on my phone as they share the same database.


Yes there is an export facility but when you no longer have an up-to-date copy of the export, you tend to hit the buffers. I can’t condemn the author of the app for a user problem, now can I? :wink:

What would be good is that say, on the first of each month, there was a cron job to export the database to a text file and sync it with a copy in, for example, a Nextcloud instance. I do backup the database but that’s of little practical use without the app itself.

As for using, ownKeepass, I have looked at it but much prefer Safe. Each to his own I guess.

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I suppose if you do find the app’s broken by a future release, you could always reflash your device back to the last release (so maybe keep a copy of the flash binary each time you upgrade) and then go back and do the export.

You’d probably be wise to do a manual export every now and again, as there isn’t a aarch64 version of your app, so if your device breaks, your next device won’t be able to run the app :frowning:

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