Transfer license from broken xperia 10 to xperia 10iii

Hi there,

as i could not find an answer searching myself:

I have a xperia 10 that was broken by the current update - no way to recover (also a different topic).
As the battery was quite down already (less then 1 day even without much usage) and the touchscreen had issues from time to time i decided to get a xperia 10iii.
So the xperia 10 will no longer be used - as it simply does not work anymore.

Can i transfer my license to the new device ?

Just buy a new one; they are half price nowadays even!


if you email support they may assist you in doing so. they are under no obligation to do so, and it would be a courtesy if they did, but they have done this in the past. it may also be the case that they only do transfers among the same device, i dont know.

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thx all for your info.
I just contacted the support. Lets see what they answer.

For the fun part i currently - yesterday no problem with that - wouldnt be able to buy a new license without hazzle as the shop page shows:"

Sorry, not available in your country"

Which seem to be a problem that occurs from time to time (you can find other threads about it in the forum).

Don’t expect any fast reply as the support might be on summer vacation and in Finland, summer vacation is at least until August.