Tracking Android Apps under SFOS

Hello, I am new to the subject. I wanted to ask if I use Android apps in SFOS, do they track too? Does Google get any information from me when I use Android apps in SFOS?

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If you are running apps that contain trackers, they will track you. If you install apps from e.g. F-Droid, they will not track you, for apps from Google Store via Aurora you can see in the store if they contain trackers. However, as long as you do not install GApps, they will be no baseline tracking for Google, and the Android Apps won’t be able to access the Sailfish part of your data, only the part within the Android Runtime


Thank you dir the information

there is an app called “warden” on github. with it you can remove trackers from installed apps on android. i have not tried it on sfos, maybe it works, too.

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For trackerscan i use ClassyShark3xodus from F-Droid and i hope also that my raspberry Pi-Hole save me a little bit.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

did you try warden under sfos? does it work? (nuking trackers is under “lab”)

No, if i deactivated one tracker the response is: “Failed: No root”


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