Track packages with sailfish

So, simple question, is there a native app that let me track shipments and packages on sailfish?
I saw two apps on open repos, a russian one that does not work at all, and Paketti, which is really nice, but it support so few carriers it’s pretty much useless?

I guess i should resort to an android app (sigh)?

I always found those 100-in-one trackers too be quite shady.
But i guess they naturally have to be, since most shipping companies are quite backwards and don’t provide their data openly/freely for generic purposes (at lest last i checked).

So with the amount of finagling required, i think this is one class of apps that will not exist for Sailfish OS, with the limited amount of users, and no monetization. But it seems Paketti is doing an excellent job given the size of the problem.

Or maybe you know of some good open service that does what you like, but doesn’t have a Sailfish app… In that case; why don’t you make one? Or just try and add some of your favourite providers to Paketti?

Isn’t there always some web page for tracking the package?

long time ago i made a purchase on a website that asked me to install an app called “route” which was their service for tracking the package and fill a claim in case of an eventual problem, as it was their protection system

that has been my packages tracking app ever since, it’s a well designed app that does not look like windows 95 or android 1, it has (per exodus) some trackers, which is not good, but their privacy terms says they don’t collect nor sell any data at all and those trackers are just needed for the automatic collection of orders (if you enable it of course), also asked them about, and they stated, again, they do not sell and collect anything, so i guess that’s fine

there’s also a nice open source app on f-droid but unfortunately it’s ui does suffer from ghost touches all the way and it does support probably less carriers than paketti (as of last time i tried it, last year)

so, i was asking if anyone knew of a native solution, but i guess there’s none other than paketti

yes, i was using one, but after i saw the trackers on their android app i changed my mind…