Total Buggy OS - Xperia 10 Plus

Hey guys back to topic? An update on my part, I have now completed the update and so far everything works. Random closing Apps are normal at this Version. It’s my daily device. How long it works, i don’t know. But for now it’s ok.


In my posts I have always tried to be reasonable, factual and objective.

My recently censored post simply asks those who are censoring my posts and those of others to take note of the Jolla Terms of Service and Forum Guidelines that I have quoted, nothing more. There is no opinion there, no view, just simply a direct copy and paste of Jolla’s own text.

However, somebody (who?) has disagreed with this and censored my post yet again with no explanation and no feedback as to why they feel it is unreasonable to ask them to consider Jolla’s own terms of service. No challenge has been offered and no counter argument put forward.

There are other posts on this same subject, and in the same vein, by other authors, both before and after my own recent post, that have not currently been censored, so I now consider this behaviour to be targeted at me personally. Clearly if these other posts are now censored only after this comment has been read then this will add further weight to this conclusion.

This behaviour is totally unacceptable on a public forum and amounts to victimisation.

If this situation is not rectified immediately, along with an apology from the people concerned, I will be escalating this issue to Sami Pienimäki, the CEO of Jolla.

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@Steve_Everett, please hold your horses!

  1. As you seem to have quite some motivation to resolve this, please follow @vige’s request, “to discuss the flagging/moderation policies, please create a topic for it in the site feedback category” (as denoted before).
    So @ansch190 can ultimately have his thread back.
  2. I will sure support you (and likely a few others), but currently lack the time to create a concise write-up from the messages and observations here for that new thread.
  3. I fully agree that this should be escalated until it is resolved. But mind how slow the clock at Jolla seem to be ticking, plus that we shall have a proper suggestion for a better flagging-policy than just criticising the current one (which definitely promotes this passive-aggressive muting behaviour). This suggestion also has to avoid increasing the workload for Jolla.

HTH; when you have started a new thread at the appropriate location, you might drop a link to it here, as a last message WRT this excursion.


Hold my horses indeed!

As a lawyer I have been involved in cases where freedom of expression has been suppressed in the absence of any reasonable or legal justification to do so - and most of these cases, unsurprisingly, have a technology element to them - mainly social media based. So I know the harm and bad feeling that this behaviour can cause - indeed in some cases it has been found to be a form of bullying and/or harassment.

I also note that @ddobrev is planning to raise the issue of forum censorship at the 30th September community meeting.

I have already started drafting such a post for the feedback category as suggested covering the issues so far, some observations, and some proposals on how moderation could be handled differently and more fairly as an objective tool of last resort, rather than a subjective tool of first response. This will take me a few days at last as my time is also limited. But when I have posted I would welcome other community members’ views on the subject and what ideas they may have to improve matters.

As for Jolla’s ‘slow ticking clock’ - there are of course ways around this to focus attention. Free speech, expression and the censorship of this is something that should greatly concern us all. Jolla is already on record as supporting this (" Foster freedom. We do not believe in walled gardens, we prefer the open sea. We want our products and services to free you to express yourself as you see fit, not lock you down to a view of the world imposed on you by us") so I sincerely hope we will be pushing at an open door.

@ansch190 can have his thread back now :smiley: