Total Buggy OS - Xperia 10 Plus

It’s just a coincidence, but i recently (yesterday?) got the forum karma that my flagging something would be of consequence. What that means is that forum users, just like you and me are doing the flagging. so, I’m afraid escalating it to upper management is futile. Asking for reasonable behaviour from your fellows is about the best you can do.

Sadly I agree with you. See Forum censorship - The Issue - #26 by Steve_Everett as well.

This is what I always assumed to be the most likely case.

so, I’m afraid escalating it to upper management is futile.

IMO this statement does not make sense, doubly so.

  1. The “upper management” does not care about this forum at all. They care about big licensees (the one) and their shareholders (value).
    That is why the statement of yours is correct, but IMO meaningless.
  2. It never was the plan (at least from my POV) to escalate this topic to the upper management. We are not really able to reach them, any way.
    What needs to be done IMO, is to make the middle-management aware that the rules / configuration Jolla has set for this forum are fostering totalitarian behaviour by some users, hence causing friction and conflicts, which might result in users turning away.
    Side note: IMO this also results in a down-selection of the users here, because it specifically hits the critical and open-minded users, while the ones urging for pink ponies with golden glitter saddles will stay and ultimately get what they want: A “totally buggy OS”, which is redefined as “shiny, nice, bug-free and pink” (as in “2 + 2 = 5”).
  1. This forum has associated costs and benefits. At the point where the human costs, moderation, are higher than the benefits, feedback/bugtracking, management has, if anything motivation to set the bar even higher. That is, increase censorship to keep the peace and the costs down. This is evident in larger ‘social media’ space. I’d like to place the emphasis on us keeping the peace and doing the policing.
  2. I believe that vige, for one, is very much aware and looking through the details. But he has a lot of work to do. Many of us on the other hand don’t HAVE to do this, we choose to. We do provide value but also create work. Some of those to-dos will have a negative impact on optimizing other bits.

As to the problems of the buggy os. I’m a community user. I have paid for product, the first phone, which I was unhappy with and as a consequence I tried other options. I am a lost customer. Since the complaint about bugginess is a constant theme over the course of almost 10 years, the only rational behavior I see for customers is to ask for a refund. But I’m not sure if/how that works?

The censorship introduced by software or management is causing even more effort.
All we are asking about is to take care of the bugs reported by the community and stop releasing new versions with even more bugs.
I still have Intex AquaFish which works much better than latest 10 II. As I stated I have frozen the X on, because I managed to fix most of the issues related to my use cases.
Following the API changes introduced after I could predict the issues and my question is, why were those versions released to all.
IMO it is a bad quality management perhaps related to mile stones and cost, however from customer perspective it reminds me to the first version of Harmattan that was awfully buggy and the people proved they can solve the bugs.
I still claim it is matter of mentality, a mentality obvious in many open source projects in the past years - take as example KDE4 or systemd.
But flagging and censoring for speaking the truth is very mean and inappropriate.
So not only they are not fixing the bugs and releasing new buggy version, but also forbidding one to mention this.
Of course “total” is too far reached, but we all hopefully know how language works and at the end it is not a question if it is a little bit buggy or more buggy - the annoying fact is that it is buggy and bugs are not being addressed for years.
For me personally one of the biggest issues I have is the bluetooth. While it was working on the bluez4 despite bluez4 was junk they introduced bluez5 without taking care of the big picture so awfully a lot of things stopped working. Even now the bluez5 in the X on is working flowlessly while the bluez5 in the is not.
These are just small examples … I do not want to start another list of issues.


Not really digging this kind of total tantrum all-encompassing ideological venting is appearing on this forum as well. I’ve seen it too much on other Linux and other communities. It’s not really constructive and doesn’t make us move forward.

Next up is probably some weird FUD appearing here as well.


@Pheet and your post is extremely helpful … so helpful that I started wining

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@deloptes Fits in this thread perfectly then :slight_smile:

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Is this the endgame here?
You prefer destruction of a good thing?

If you do not understand what is meant here, you also do not have to post.
I said stop releasing buggy versions - fix bugs and do more QA.

I wonder how people can be satisfied with sh*t. I love Sailfish, but since 3.4 it became nightmare.

I just flashed on Xperia X and bluetooth is not working at all for example.

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