Tooter Feedback Thread

I’m starting this thread to try to gather feedback, espcially since there are a number of versions on openrepos and it’s getting a bit messy. @molan has already kindly done one merge and I’m now pushing tooter to chum. For the impatient Show home:poetaster:harbour-tooter - SailfishOS Open Build Service

There are a number of bugs (duplicated boosts, audio files don’t render in media player). I’d like to ask that people post the bugs to me first GitHub - poetaster/harbour-tooter: Tooter is Mastodon client for Sailfish OS. But @molan’s repo is cardinal.



Thanks so much for devoting time to Tooter - it’s a great app but needs some love.
For a start, one thing I noticed was that polls are not displayed.


Sigh, first I have to stop USING it :slight_smile:


Nice,but German translations are now missing in the chum version?

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Thanks. That means I neglected BuildRequires: qt5-qttools-linguist … coming right up.

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Pardon my ignorance. I’ve yet to find a bug, but I think one suggestion would be multiple account support, if possible.

…and fixed already, thanks, great work!

It’s there in theory, it’s just lacking an interface at startup to select. I’ll add a ticket.


I just pushed 1.0.9 to chum. It now supports ‘bookmarks’ so that you can actually look at the bookmarks you’ve made :slight_smile:


Thanks for trying to revive Tooter: A number of things come to mind (for which I will create issues on either your or molan’s repo):

  • too often the content of boosted toots is not shown in the timeline (you only see who boosted something)
  • poll results are not shown in the notifications
  • follow requests are not shown
  • can’t accept follow requests
  • no support for multiple accounts (can’t signup for or login or switch to another account)


I’ve never seen this on the ‘home’ screen? Where do you see this?

I don’t even know what those are! I just follow people and they follow me :slight_smile: Is there a mastodon setting for ‘allow following only on…’?


On the home screen. This could be a tooter-β-only issue, I would have to double-check.

Yes, it’s a mastodon setting in your profile called “Require follow requests”. I believe this also a feature that can be turned on by an admin for the entire instance.

Him, which version? The one I published to chum? On my home screen in tooter β I see proper boosts.

Ok, I’m going to have to look at the api to implement that. Multiple accounts at start and polls are in the works.


Maybe I just don’t find it, but I can’t delete Toots?

Edit and delete are missing as are a bunch of things. Growing list …

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A few other hiccups I came across:

  • You can’t write image descriptions, nor can you see the descriptions of posted images (I usually only boost image posts with descriptions)

  • Tooter can’t display a lot of emojis, so you have clutter like “:unverified:” in peoples’ names

  • I can’t see when a user has joined Mastodon; sometimes that’s useful to decide whether to engage - is it a very recent test account or a long-time Fedizen?

  • I also noticed an incongruity concerning notifications: When someone favourites a post of mine, the Sailfish OS notifications reference that person’s account name X, while Tooter’s notifications screen only displays part of the handle, @Y, which is often very different and can lead to confusions.

Thanks a lot for your work so far!

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I was aware of all of these but the last. I’ll try to get them into the issues queue on github today. I reminder to everyone who does have github access, please make tickets, it saves me some time. Thanks!

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I’m not entirely sure if this could not be seen as a feature instead of a bug :grin:


At least for me with an abysmally slow uplink at home, searching for #hashtags or @users always comes back with the “no results found” placeholder. BUT. It’s not true, after some time the message gets replaced with matching results if there are any.

So something about async calls and timeouts could be improved in the UI. Totally not critical though.

Yes. Although rarely, i’ve seen it too. The list grows longer. Thanks!

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