Tooter Feedback Thread

Just recognized that on mastodon instances the client is displayed below the toots similar to Twitter tweets.
Clicking on Tooter links to, which is a dead link. Maybe possible to link somewhere else (e.g. github)?

Yeah, I’m still working on that. The domain is still the domain of the client. That’s an Oauth2 thing that I’m trying to negotiate. In the main, I’m trying to include the original authors in this since it’s mostly their work!

Thought it was just a link and not relevant for authentification - so my pull requests will probably break the app then… It’s probably better to ignore them than:)
Maybe it’s possible to ask the domain owner to set up a redirect to the github site?
Thanks for your great work!

I’ve sent them some feedback (dysko’s version is linked from Maston central so it’s a bit of a pita)… I’ll look at setting up an alternative domain.

Ok, I’ve merged your changes and made a couple of others. After checking the specs (Obtaining client app access - Mastodon documentation) it’s not an issue. Now to fix audio. Thanks!


Implement Audio widget to play/download audio files. WIP

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Downloaded the new version from Chum and just got an error message that the page couldn’t be loaded, same after reboot.
Uninstalled and got the openrepos version, which opens normally (XA2,


The same problem here with the Chum version. Deleted the preferences with rm -rf /home/defaultuser/.local/share/harbour-tooterb and then restart the Tooter app. Login to the instance again and get error because page not found.

Same here with Version 1.1.0-1.4.1 from Chum on SFOS (Xperia 10 III). Starting from the Terminal there is a QML-Error:

[W] unknown:1283 - file:///usr/lib64/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/PageStack.qml:1283:13: QML AnimatedLoader: (file:///usr/share/harbour-tooterb/qml/pages/MainPage.qml:37:9: Type MyList unavailable
            MyList {
            ^, file:///usr/share/harbour-tooterb/qml/pages/components/MyList.qml:107:15: Type VisualContainer unavailable
        delegate: VisualContainer {}
                  ^, file:///usr/share/harbour-tooterb/qml/pages/components/VisualContainer.qml:261:5: Type MediaBlock unavailable
        MediaBlock {
        ^, file:///usr/share/harbour-tooterb/qml/pages/components/MediaBlock.qml:86:5: Type MyMedia unavailable
        MyMedia {
        ^, file:///usr/share/harbour-tooterb/qml/pages/components/MyMedia.qml:47:5: MediaItem is not a type
        MediaItem {
[D] checkNotifications:126 - checkNotifications
[D] onStatusChanged:45 - PageStatus.Inactive

Oh, sorry, obs pulls from git and I had neglected to push an element. obs will happily build that :wink:

It was a bit busy yesterday :slight_smile: I’ve pushed the fix to testing, tested and have submitted to chum proper. Thanks for the heads up!


Was the file that was missing :wink: When testing from the local SDK, this file is present and gets installed. If you neglect (cough) to add it via git and push, it doesn’t. The request to pushed the fixed version is in the queue on chum. Thanks all!

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Mh. Just updated to the current Chum version (1.1.0-1.4.1.jolla) but that release doesn’t appear to work for me (‘page could not be loaded’, roughly translated from German).

It’s still waiting in the queue. The fixed version is still in testing ;-(


Yes it’s exactly the same error as cited above and I will just wait for the next chum release.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Mark. The newly updated version works well now. Thanks :+1:


The notification came very late (up to 15 Minutes). And there is no sound or light at the phone for it. Can you shorten the refresh times and fix the notification?

Also, the double postings are a pain if you scroll thought the timeline. :wink:

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Yes, I’ve noted both of those issues. It seems that:

  1. the notifications don’t come at all until you leave the app (I generally get the notifications AFTER I’ve read them in the app!)
  2. The double postings seem to be related to the periodic refreshes having an incorrect index/offset from a previous refresh?

making tickets.

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1.) Exactement! The same here. Also, I get the notification if I wake up the display, so not in the background.

2.) That’s possible. Or the user had edited his post and Tooter didn’t recognize that.

I’ve seen the tickets. :wink:

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Thank @poetaster and everyone else to keep working on Tooter. I made many fixes to the original tooter a couple years ago but can’t work anymore on it (and my coding skills are quite limited). But I’ll set up again the SDK and see that I can support the further development.