TOHKRB The Other Half Keyboard Reborn?

Anyone want to help build a new version of The Other Half Keyboard for the PinePhone? The plan being to make it all 100% Open Source. As well as easy for anyone to get ahold of the hardware or make their own with ease (linking PCB services as well) gathering it all in once place. Even gathering the original TOHKB documentation and archived sites as well.


There are threads about keyboard in the Pine64 forum. Not sure if it will be fully open source or anything but Pine64 is going to produce an official keyboard. The thread to that one can be found here


yup, it feels like 2015, replaceable battery, some pins and a bad camera :wink:
just bought one,
honestly imho 2-3 year more and it will fly. the hardware is nowadays so good, switched at home to linux on all my old and new pc’s and phone imho is just a question of time …