ToeTerm support thread

Hello everyone!

ToeTerm 1.9.11 was released some time ago with COLORTERM=truecolor added as a new default environmental variable, which should complete truecolor support! Please let me know if it doesn’t get applied - the config section is a bit cumbersome to edit in code.

In other news, I packaged Fish shell for Sailfish OS! It’s a bit experimental still - especially the .spec file needs to be cleaned up - but it’s very much functional and seems to work just fine! It even runs fish_config as expected :exploding_head:!

It didn’t break my device, but as usual, install it on your own risk!


Excuse my noobyness but if I type in terminal ‘toeterm --version’ it says no version known and then opens a terminal. :expressionless:

Toeterm doesn’t seem to handle any command line arguments at the moment, but it should be able to at least report it’s version string with --version. Perhaps a tiny --help wouldn’t hurt either. Would you like to create an issue for this?

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Consider it done. (Actually I just did it.)


Okay, I was a tiny bit wrong; there is support to start into a shell of your choice, but there was no other command line support. If all goes well, there’ll be an update today :slight_smile:

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Things got, well, a little out of hand, but I just released 1.9.12-1 which now supports --help and --version among other under-the-hood improvements! It also has a safeguard for missing default shell, should someone else run into similar issue! More features are in development, stay tuned!


Request - bigger keyboard / keys…

The keyboard height can be increased, but it already is as wide as it even can… I guess the font size can be increased a bit, but that’s not whay you were after, I assume. Eliminating the tiny borders between the keys could also help a tiny bit…

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Also, possibly making one less column, and one more row, or another page of characters, etc. Like if the directionals, and pgdn/pgup, etc, were in a scroll view, or their own top row, (like the Harmattan toolbar in Karin Cinsole), you could cut out a column, and make the keys wider.

What shell configuration files does ToeTerm read upon startup? in my /home/nemo/.bashrc. I am trying e.g.

source .aliases

but my aliases are not avaliable. Where should I include it?

That could actually work… It requires a lot of tinkering, but I’ll try it out at some point.

ToeTerm doesn’t have such file, but at least with the default shell (busybox) using ~/.profile works for me.


Perfect. Thank you…!

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Hey, a bit of a noob here, just getting my feet wet in Sailfish and Toeterm.

I may have missed it, but is there a way to:

  1. Hide the keyboard
  2. increase the terminal font size

I’m on a Gemini PDA with sailfish, so I don’t need the onscreen keyboard, and the font is absolutely tiny. However, I can’t locate settings to change these items.

Hi and welcome!

You can disable the on-screen keyboard in the settings page → Settings → Settings → Keyboard behavior → Off. You can access the settings page by clicking the glass icon on the top right corner. The same page also has the font size slider. I’m not sure about the range of it (never checked how it calculates the limits) but if it needs more range, please let me know!

There are other settings too, feel free to test them out! I personally always disable the transparent background to increase readability, but we are wondering off to the personal preference territory :slight_smile:

Another tip: if you find BusyBox too restricting - and you are feeling adventurous - you can install actual Bash instead, it comes in the Jolla repos, but it requires some pkcon fu. Please see e.g. this thread for discussion and commands.

There’s also Fish Shell, packaged by yours truly, but if you do install it, no not make it a default shell! You have now been informed :wink:


What a response — TY! I got it working. ToeTerm is working great with 24bit color emacs.

Thank you for making this available!

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Thanks for this. You’re doing good work.

I use tcsh (compiled and installed manually).

The terminal appears to expect the existence of a --login argument, but it is not a given that a shell, even if it’s a login shell, would have this option. I assume that there are other shells which are missing this.

Additionally, on the Gemini PDA, scrolling does not work, whereas it does work in Fingerterm.


Indeed, tcsh accepts -l and not --login whereas fish and bash accept both, and busybox doesn’t accept either… I’ll figure out something, thanks for reporting!

I’m afraid it’s going to be cumbersome to come up with a fix for not working scrolling for Gemini PDA, since I don’t have a device to reproduce it… Has it ever worked? Does it work with busybox as login shell (empty startup shell command)?

OK, I’ve done a bit more testing. I removed my previous config and can reproduce it as follows.

It seems to be that scrolling works if the keyboard is set to “fade” or “move”, whereas if it’s off, it doesn’t work at all.

Scrolling seems to be toggled like the keyboard and has similar UI elements.

This is regardless of shell.

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Thanks, that helps a lot in figuring out how to fix it!

Edit: It does work for me in all three modes; fade, move and off. Scrolling doesn’t work if the mode is in move and the keyboard is visible, that’s perhaps a bug…

I could partially repro the behavior; set the auto hide time to never, set the keyboard to move, go back and click to show the keyboard, change the visibility to off and go back to main page. Now the scrolling doesn’t work, until I click the text, after which it starts working again.

As I use my phone mostly in secondary user, I have no developper tools nor terminal.
So, Toeterm is a saver in terms of command line.
It is really nice to use, in addition.

If you don’t have enough to do with battery buddy, whisperfish and others, :wink: here is a suggestion:

A really cool feature would be the ability to toggle scroll/select in one click.
Indeed, when copying e.g filenames and scrolling often, this would be much handier/faster than going in settings each time.

In any case, thank you for your very usefull and nice work and presence.