Tips and Tricks

I was looking for a thread to find some tips & tricks regarding sailfish os - more like an Easter egg. Since I could not find one, I thought I will create one and give some few tips as introduction. It might not be new to many, but might be useful for few at the least.

  1. Double tap on the top most edge of the screen to lock the device without pulling down the shortcut screen and clicking on the lock icon.

  2. To select entire line or whole paragraph of text, keep pressing the cursor until your intended text are selected. Long pressing the cursor for first few seconds will select only the word on which the cursor was placed. Long pressing it further selects the entire line. On pressing further the entire paragraph is selected.

Hope others will post unknown or lesser known tips and tricks.


Nice thread/idea for newcomers - and not only

My contribution:

If you want to turn off your screen, press the on/off button once, but if you also want to lock the phone, press it twice. The device will be locked immediately despite your automatic locking timer.

P.S. Selection tip n.2 works for me on apps, doesn’t work on website, e.g. this forum.


Maybe it would be useful to transform this into a wiki?

  1. Go to Settings/About product and long press on your IMEI number to see extra info, you can do this with the Build number too.

  2. Also in About product, tap 4 or 5 times on Build number to open CSDTool (diagnostic tool) (or simply type csd into Terminal to open CSDTool)


Press hardware buttons Volume Up and Volume Down at the same time to get a screenshot.