Timer for on/off Android support

Sony Xperia 10 II SFOS 4.3 etc

I do not use at the moment both Bluez and Amazfit in operation due to a high battery idle percentage drop over night as between 30 to 35 % / 7.5 hours.

Also with Android support on, the battery drain is 20 to 25 % over night.

After took off Android support, the battery drain over night was only 1 to 2 % overnight with Xperia 10 II.

After using without any success in both for opening and closing Android support by dbus commands in Situations App, I’d like to revise my wish for you all in dear Community:

It should be great if Android support should include an inbound timer for putting on and putting off that support.

PS. Yes, doing it manually several times around a year does not sound as a smart phone. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looking forward to this.

Merry Christmas All.

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I prefer to do that manually instead of defining fixed times, but the idea is the same.
In my case the Situations app, supported by some shell scripts and a suitable sudo configuration, does the work based on active ambience. Configured this way, my “night” ambience cares for flight mode, silence, and stops some unneeded services (such as Android app support). Additionally, restarting services on a daily basis seems to improve general stability.

It seems to me that it would be more important to fix whatever’s actually causing the battery drain rather than implementing a feature you would really only use because something isn’t working the way it should. On the same device, same OS version, my battery only goes down a few % overnight and Android support is always active, so it would be good to find out what’s causing your battery to go down so quickly.

This is basically the same answer you’d get from Jolla: it’s better to fix a problem than it is to add workarounds for it but leave the problem intact. The fact that you can start/stop Android app support from the UI at all is already a workaround for times when it doesn’t work properly. Should the Android app support ever work ‘flawlessly’, I’m pretty sure the UI option to start/stop it will be removed.


The problems started after SFOS 4.2.xx. Before this update, with Android support on & Bt+Amazfit on the battery idle drain was only 1 to 3 % / 7,5 hours. As far as I know, there are problems with bluez (bt) and with Android support sofar. Thus I’m not fond of doing factory reset at first.

What comes to starting / stopping the Android support at morning and in the late evening, respectively. I want to stop Whatsapp and Telegram over night, thus the show must stop for the night. Having a smart in my phone, the manually controlling things are useless. If doing everything manually, why do I then have a smart phone?

By the way, the first Jolla principles in the beginning 2013 - 2014 was to avoid the useless jumping in and jumping out in the apps, that causes just a useless power consumption due to awakening of the phone.
It’s also a matter of principle. Yes, you can sell your principles, but what’s left after that?