Native Java applications with GraalVM on Xperia 10II

Just a quick report:

I thought that maybe with the 64bit build of SFOS on the Xperia 10 II the aarch64 support of graalvm is usable.
Aaand it is:


  • Download and un-tar the graalvm distribution following their install instructions.
  • install glibc-devel zlib-devel gcc
  • compile sample java file (here: with <graalvm>/bin/javac
  • test it with <graalvm>/bin/java Run
  • install native image with <graalvm>/bin/gu install native-image
  • create native image with <graalvm>/bin/native-image Run
  • wait
  • execute with ./run

In my example the resulting image is 9.2mb.

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