This might sound odd, but I want to port SailfishOS to the Librem5

I would love to port SailfishOS to the purism Librem 5. I have a secondhand unit to use for setup, testing, and integration. Would greatly appreciate pointers or anything that could help me get started. I don’t necessarily have the time to actively maintain a port. That being said, I would love to have SailfishOS running on my L5. Hopefully soon I can start back on Thai translation as well.

With respect to that I have a fundamental question (due to having no idea of the techniques required for porting): Shouldn’t an existing port for a device mainlined in the linux kernel (e.g. Pinephone) work for all mainlined phones (e.g. Librem5)?

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Possible. Device kernel configurations however are usually tailored to a single or a small set of similar devices, so even if the some kernel source tree or version supported either, you would at least have to use separate builds.


The best place to start is to the documentation regarding hardware adaptation, which can be found at HW Adaptation | Sailfish OS Documentation. There is also an IRC channel on named #sailfishos-porters if you need help.


Unfortunately ARM systems are not as nice as standart x86 systems where hardware can be discovered via ACPI at run-time. So you need a device tree description of the hardware which is typically compiled into the kernel.

Also often there is still a collection of device specific hacks that have not been upstreamed yet and which need to be collected.

See here for the pine phone efforts:

and maybe take a look at the kernel used by postmarketos or similar for what patches are needed for librem5.

There’s also a telegram channel for sailfish on pine phone


Unfortunately I have locked myself out of my Telegram, so I may create a new one soon-ish…