Third-party app blacklist since question (adblock needed)

Greetings all,

I’ve got some issues with getting the adblock App Defender working on Sailfish @Xperia_X.
Someone in its discussion pointed on a “third-party app blacklist” introduced by the updated and logged in the “Changelog_from_3.3.0.16_to_3.4.0.22-FINAL.txt” and the app being included into it. I guess this has been done because of problems some users of XA2 and newers reported while doing an upgrade.

Still on my Xperia X I have never experienced any issues while upgrading. How could I remove the App from that particular blocklist and get the adds away? Any suggestions?

Please help!

The good news: it’s probably still ad-blocking (if you were using it before), just not updating hosts file anymore - mine seems to be.

If J have indeed made a “third-party app blacklist”, that silently blocks app installation, that’s a pretty big fail.