There is NO way this update was tested. Nothing hardly works

It’s an Xperia X Model F5121 (Single SIM). I did try restarting the network subsystem today in an effort to fix the wifi problem without restarting the phone but all I got was a spinning hourglass which didn’t got away so that meant another power-cycle.

I still have an old Xperia X and I will check whether I can reproduce the issue with the Xperia X - I do not have the problem with the Xperia 10 ii and apparently also not with XA 2. Since the latter is my back-up phone at home, I did not really use it yet in different Wifi environments

Yeah when I started this thread I was not doing it to attack the team.

It was to alert them that something has gone really wrong with their project.

maybe their focus is on something else because itsits clear they dontdont givegive aa rip aboutabout reported problems spanning multiple users and phonephone hardware.

see all that double type isis still herehere in thisthis verversversion asas well. Jhc

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I am done with it. This is the end. Enough painful flattering, unsuccessful efforts. Sony Xperia X, WiFi dying all the time, 5 reboots per day, no help from anywhere. Android 4 support is useless, nothing works, no updates in sight… Camera is crap, sound is crap. I can take a lot of punishment, but if the OS does not it’s job it is crab.
Good luck everybody…

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Why do you have Android 4 on Xperia 10?

Good morning everyone,

as part of the bug triaging process mentioned in the meetings and on the forum we are trying to figure out what bugs on the forum are already fixed and what still needs to be tracked internally by Jolla. This bug doesn’t sound very actionable. It is not quite clear, what the actual issues are and plenty of it seems to overlap with other reports.

Is it okay to you, if we label this as offtopic/not actionable/fixed something like that and you write clear, focused and actionable bug reports for any issues you don’t consider fixed (and an appropriate, factual language and tone), so that we can track them? I don’t really know what else to do with this.

Thank you for you understanding.
Nico, (low activity) member of the bug squad


There are two concrete things mentioned which are duplicates: 1. delay/failure of outgoing call. 2. MMS send failures.

This should be marked duplicate and perhaps a couple of links added at the head.