The SailfishOS oracle has spoken

Dear community,

ransacking one of the latest community meetings I found an interesting hint from Andrew talking about the repositories:

Community meeting June, 11th 2020

08:45:09 <abranson> there’s something else exciting going on in the repos for those who watch them :wink:
08:45:20 <pasik> esr52 update at least
08:45:23 <pasik> :slight_smile:
08:45:31 <Jaymzz> Time is up for this one guys :slight_smile:
08:45:49 <abranson> pasik: wasn’t talking about that…
08:47:11 <Jaymzz> moving on to the next one

So I had a look around the repositories, but despite of finding out that the operator list for Sony Xperia X devices has finally fixed when roaming I am still wondering what the “oracle” was talking about :slight_smile:

Any more insights here (I am just a bit nosy) would be welcome :wink:


PS: Andrew, pardon me calling you the SailfishOS oracle


One possibility is that there have been on almost every packages a change done to install 64bits libraries in a dedicated lib64 directory. For instance this one is adding this new directory in the search path:

I interpret this as userland 64bits may land soon for aarch64 phones. What does it means in term of official hardware, I’ve no idea. I’m not following hardware manufacturer releases and I’m still using a JollaC ;- )


Thanks for sharing your observation here. Indeed this is something exciting going on as 64bit userland support prepares for a lot of things like newer hardware or updated software stacks.

Community meetings are always a good source for chit-chat and to oracle about stuff afterwards :thinking:

Anyway, let’s see what amazing things the future will bring and always have a close look into the crystal ball or listen to the SaifishOS oracle :mage: