The Pinephone Thread

This thread is for updates and discussions on the Pinephone port.

Current release:

Documentation: Home · sailfish-on-dontbeevil/documentation Wiki · GitHub

Issue Tracker: Issues · sailfish-on-dontbeevil/droid-config-pinephone · GitHub


Someone has usefull information about waydroid and containers with lxc? Which images/distros are working, what steps are necessairy…

Has anybody tried the clip-on keyboard Pine sells for the Pinephone? Can you type? Does charging work correctly? TIA!


How’s the quality of that? Is it on hobbyist level as the TOHKBD 1 and 2 were on jolla 1 or better?

Quality seems fine, not used TOHKB so cant compare. It is big, but it also contain a battery.

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Ive updated the Wiki with tips on getting waydroid working, fixing patchmanager and enabling landscape homescreen.


Do I need to do anything to get the keyboard to wake up? I have my Pinephone (community edition) running SFOS just fine, but no typing is recognized on the external keyboard, but the screen keyboard doesn’t pop up, either?

(I’d try w. standard case, but I can’t find the back for it right now–doh.)

Erm, it should “just work” in current builds … make sure all the phone is seated properly and reboot, I had a similar issues once where it wasnt clipped in properly

Sorry for the necromancy, but this is mentioned and linked from the DontBeEvil Wiki.

I have recently acquired a PineTab, installed with

Everything is fine (great!) so far, but I have a question:

When doing a pkcon install I was offered updates of adaptation stuff. Looking at OBS it turns out the repos there (and the ones configured in ssu) are pointing to a sailfishos_latest release repo. That explains why there may be rebuilds of released packages for the recent 4.5 SFOS release.


  • is this intentional?
  • should I update these packages?
  • or rather, should I disable these repos so updates are not installed? (I have done so at the moment.)
 - adaptation-dontbeevil        ...
 - adaptation-dontbeevil-kernel ...
 - adaptation-pinetab           ...
 pkcon update
Getting updates
Refreshing software list
Testing changes
Finished                                                                        [                                       ] (0%)
The following packages have to be installed:
 community-adaptation-devel-0.0.3-1.9.7.jolla.armv7hl   Community HW adaptation setup, devel flavour
 gpsd-3.23+git2-1.8.6.jolla.armv7hl     Service daemon for mediating access to a GPS
 libdrm-2.4.110+git1-1.7.5.jolla.armv7hl        Direct Rendering Manager runtime library
 libdrm-nouveau-2.4.110+git1-1.7.5.jolla.armv7hl        Direct Rendering Manager nouveau api
 libdvbv5-1.16.7+master.20200503055819.36e9c573-1.5.16.jolla.armv7hl    Libraries to control, scan and zap on Digital TV channels
 libsodium- A modern, portable, easy to use crypto library.
 libv4l-1.16.7+master.20200503055819.36e9c573-1.5.16.jolla.armv7hl      Collection of video4linux support libraries
 mce-plugin-libhybris-nondroid-1.14.3+nondroid.20210624081901.5.g728aa72-1.3.10.jolla.armv7hl   Libhybris plugin for Mode Control Entity (libhybris-free variant)
 mesa-dri-drivers-21.3.9+git2-1.46.2.jolla.armv7hl      Mesa-based DRI drivers
 mesa-libEGL-21.3.9+git2-1.46.2.jolla.armv7hl   Mesa libEGL runtime libraries and DRI drivers
 mesa-libGLESv2-21.3.9+git2-1.46.2.jolla.armv7hl        Mesa libGLESv2 runtime libraries
 mesa-libgbm-21.3.9+git2-1.46.2.jolla.armv7hl   Generic buffer management API
 mesa-libglapi-21.3.9+git2-1.46.2.jolla.armv7hl Mesa shared gl api library

Ive updated the PPP kernel to 6.2.9. It seems pretty smooth, except there is a weird long boot delay! Recent changes to the config packages fix audio and an issue where thefirst run wizard doesnt show.

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