The Nextcloud Talk client for Sailfish OS thread


available from OpenRepos, project at

In it’s current stage it is an chat-only client. Development might not appear fast (especially during lock down…), but halfway steady.

When I started it, there were too many Android apps running and my phone, and decided to take a decision: away with them. It felt pointless to have a nice mobile OS, but using software from a different platform, because of lack of native ones. Using and relying on Android would not help that situation. To fill a gap, I started working on this, scratching the famous own itch.

There’s still some things to polish, improve and extend.


Thanks for your work on this. I’ve been using it since a recent upgrade of my server to use Nextcloud; keep the updates coming!


I’ll just copy my thoughts/comments from here:

Notifications work partly: nessage and blinking led, but no sound (XA2)

How to start a new conversation from within the app? Didn’t find anything to do so…

When restarting ngfd does not work to get sound working… well i got some doubts about the ngfd configuration i provided. Sadly there is not much of documentation about it. I need to play around with it some more, stay tuned.

Not implemented yet :speak_no_evil:

Great app! Thanks!

Would love to see the coming updates:

-Send files/images
-Start chat

Thanks for the great work.

Martin Book

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The App allows to connect Nextclouds. My is connected to four instances, and I’d like to see from which instance the Chat/User. If I have a User Carl in Cloud One and another Carl in Cloud 2 I can’t see in the chat list which one contacted me. So adding the instance Name after the User name (with @ or on brackets) would be helpful.

Is there a way to show an indicator who is online?

What I’d like to do at some point is to get the theme color of each connected Nextcloud and use this as an indicator next to the room. Perhaps locally editable to deal with collisions.

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And that’s now implemented.

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Today’s update brings

  • Enhance cover image resolution #25 (@nephros)
  • German Translation #26 (@nephros)
  • decorate “user added” message #24 (@nephros)
  • Presence (away/busy/offline) + user status support #28 (@nephros and @blizzz)
  • Talk 12 (Nextcloud 22) compatibility #31, #32 (@blizzz)
  • Aarch64 Build (experimental, have no device for testing)

Kudos to Nephros for his contributions and patience :slight_smile:

I am thinking of dropping the alpha. Not, because there are not enough sharp corners left - there’s plenty of them, but rather because I don’t see any other app do this too :smiley: Opinions? Probably does not mater?

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I think as long as it isn’t in jolla harbour alpha or even beta state don’t matter at all.

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