The Nextcloud Talk client for Sailfish OS thread


available from OpenRepos, project at

In it’s current stage it is an chat-only client. Development might not appear fast (especially during lock down…), but halfway steady.

When I started it, there were too many Android apps running and my phone, and decided to take a decision: away with them. It felt pointless to have a nice mobile OS, but using software from a different platform, because of lack of native ones. Using and relying on Android would not help that situation. To fill a gap, I started working on this, scratching the famous own itch.

There’s still some things to polish, improve and extend.


Thanks for your work on this. I’ve been using it since a recent upgrade of my server to use Nextcloud; keep the updates coming!


I’ll just copy my thoughts/comments from here:

Notifications work partly: nessage and blinking led, but no sound (XA2)

How to start a new conversation from within the app? Didn’t find anything to do so…

When restarting ngfd does not work to get sound working… well i got some doubts about the ngfd configuration i provided. Sadly there is not much of documentation about it. I need to play around with it some more, stay tuned.

Not implemented yet :speak_no_evil: