The last supported Jolla versions

Jolla has informed me that support for Jolla and Jolla tablet support has been dropped. I haven’t followed this forum so maybe this is widely known. However, I was disappointed in the calendar app in the latest version. Then I checked and found that the default calendar app still works in Sailfish version 3.2.

Hopefully this was news to somebody.

Have a better new year 2021!

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How were you ‘informed’?
In this blog post there is only the phone (First One) mentioned.

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In a response to my calendar issue in Jolla support (zendesk).

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That is odd!
As it would also mean the JollaC would be out of support (only Sailfish X)?

Jolla1 has oldest Android Support 4.1
but Tablet and JollaC have 4.4

So that would not make sense …

Corrected/clarified by @vpp.

So it is really only the Jolla1 out of support (for now … ).


Well, damn, thanks for posting this topic, I hadn’t seen that blog post yet (perhaps ‘milestone’ blog posts should be linked here in the Announcements section). I can completely understand the reasoning behind dropping support, but I still use my Jolla 1 as my one and only phone. Recently it seems the SIM card reader has started malfunctioning, though, so I perhaps I should be looking for a new device… I’ll hijack this topic to ask:
What’s the smallest phone that runs Sailfish with support for Android applications?

The XA2 is just slightly bigger then the J1.


Thanks! Then I think I’ll have to wait until they start making smaller phones again, as I always felt the Jolla 1 was ever so slightly too big to use with one hand.


While I fully understand why the Jolla1 is a maintenance burden, I must say that the timing of this is bad. A year ago or so there was a discount when buying a new Sailfish license. I really tried to do that, but for one or another reason I disliked the available phones. Now the J1 is deprecated. What can I do now?

  • buy one of the phones I disliked a year ago?
  • buy a recent other phone and leave Sailfish?

One problem is that the only available options are still the same phones. And even if I would like one of them, they are already quite old in terms of mobile devices. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the newest supported phone is almost 2 years old.

I would very much welcome if we could get fix-updates (i.e. only version bumps of things like OpenSSL) for the J1 based on the current stable version for at least as long until a new phone is available.


Just chill a few weeks. It looks like there is a new Xperia to be supported, and it looks to be the Xperia 10 II. It’s still a bit odd form factor, but it appears to have gotten most other things right - at lest for what can be expected in the midrange.

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If you can get hold of a XA2 (not Plus/Ultra) you will still be happy with the form factor.
I tried with XA2 Plus but never flashed Sailfish as it was just too big (also reason for not going the FxTex way :frowning: ). But then I snapped an as new XA2 on Amazon and this is what I use right now…

The 10 and also 10 II will not be what you (and me) will like.

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