The FxTec Pro1x thread (qx1050)

This thread if for discussing the FXTec Pro1x port and for me to post progress.

Current progress is pretty good. I think some people are daily-driving it, and there is a healthy community on the FxTec discord.

Current dev builds are available on the “porters ci” at Pipelines · sailfishos-porters-ci / halium-qx1050-ci · GitLab , these are not end user “test” builds, but theyre pretty stable.


Interested in this hardware here - any list of working / not working features?

Thanks for your work on this!

L.E. Found Issues · sailfish-on-fxtecpro1/droid-config-halium-qx1050 · GitHub

I can confirm daily driving this happily since weeks. Thanks for the awesome work.

@vlagged, I don’t want to start this thread with a link to another, but in addition to the Github repository, you can find here a community thread on the F(x)tec forum with a list of working/non-working features that I’m trying to keep up to date, and other users are posting tweaks every now and then.


Update of halium-android-rootfs (mostly) fixes video playback issues. Just zypper ref/dup to get it.



I’m not sure this is the right place, but I have found some problems on the Pro1x:

  • MTP is non functional, whenever i select the MTP usb connection it just says charging.

  • Now and then the phone freezes, sometimes it just does not wake up from sleep or react to anything other than long press of the power button, at other times it just stops functioning while in use, the red led turns on and never turns off until long power button press. Some times I believe the freeze happens when a SMS arrives, as a new SMS often is shown as having arrived sometime ago, after a reboot.

  • I have the Scandinavian keyboard, and when I select a Scandinavian language, most non English keys does not return the characters printed on them.

  • The 48MP camera only delivers 12MP images

Otherwise: Great work, thanks.