The Demise of Noson (Sonos controller) on SFOS

It was with some disappointment that I discovered that the developer of Noson has dropped support for the app on SFOS. This was posted 3 weeks ago.

"no longer maintaining the app for sailfishos

Many pages are now broken since Jolla upgrade to Sailfish 4.0.
As I have no more device even time for maintaining the app for this platform,
the project is deleted from sources on the master branch."

This is, or until SFOS 4.0.x.x was, an outstanding implementation of the Sonos controller.

I recognise that the owner of the project doesn’t have an SFOS phone anymore, but it seems a loss for SFOS that the port has been expunged.

The whole selling point of SFOS apps is that it is Linux and uses QT for apps, so porting and maintenance is supposed to be trivial between linices (is that a word?). Apparently it’s not easy enough and this does not bode well for SFOS.

I am not a programmer for this sort of thing, so I can but lament the loss of an app I use regularly.

Finally, the Jolla store where it is hosted should remove it forthwith because it no longer functions adequately

After some searching, I installed the final version of the Sonos S1 Android app which supported 4.4. However, while it installs, all one gets is a message saying to update to a later version, so the Android route in gone forever as well.

S2 devices such as the Beam while officially supported by later versions of the S1 app, but are unrecognised by the v9.3.2 app.

I would suggest to ask the developer to atleast get the source hosted in Github so that someone can help it fix it in the future.

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It have seen somewhere that @piggz previously had involvement in the hosting on OpenRepos. I am guessing that stopped at some point when official support was included in the main development tree and it was hosted on the Jolla Store

Someone such as @piggz clearly has the skills to pick this up, but whether he has the time and or inclination is unknown.

Perhaps he will respond to this ping

ugh, if only he’d asked me for help porting the pages to 4.0. If i find time i will look to fork the last working version with sfos support.


The app has received 40 thumbs up and 100 downloads! That’s a lot of thumbs up for the amount of downloads. Still a niche app with few loyal followers.

Thank you. You are a Gentleman and a Scholar, and we are few that remain :wink:

Code is here


Did you have a look or fork it? Just curious. I don’t have the skills to help.

Fixup of old posting of mine on 2021-05-01

… that means, one should branch / “fork” right before this commit:

I.e., at tag 4.4.9, but use the first link (in the box above) to see the diff for the SFOS-eliminating commit!