The bugs are out of control

I tried to use your OS but the bugs are out of control, it’s just bug after bug after bug, don’t suggest any fixes pls I neeeeed that X or Y, stop it

Can I get an official response from Jolla? I will NOT be your testground, I paid 50euro and I demand 50euro more than from android

What is your question exactly?

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How good that Android suffers absolutely no bugs…NOT



I’m pretty sure that net of monetarization Android is worth less than -50 Euro, so you can’t complain


Could you tell us what are the bugs exactly? I have the Xperia 10III with Sailfish for about 3 months. I only know about an slight issue with LED not working 100% on the MCE settings, and that the battery drain is actually bit worse then on Android (I have used Android without SIM, it lasted up to 20 days, with SIM lasted up to 12 days, with Sailfish I usually get somewhere about 5 days), that is unfortunate, but I can live with that… other then that everything seems to be working correctly… Some people mentioned issues with Data on certain Providers, I do not use Data, only Wifi, so I do not even know if this works…But I definitely do not see “bug after bug” and getting out of Google’s annoying Hell I would pay even more if needed TBH…

Using android leads me to curse and jump up and down as if my whole body were covered in fleas. I think that could be considered buggy :wink:


I see it rather this way:
SFOS itself costs nothing and is 1. an experimental device that also can do a lot of useful things in daily life, and 2. an option to have a smartphone, avoiding to be fully dependent on GAFAM, and 3. to have an option to tweak the device for own flavour and 4. for own education in computer skills.
The 50 EUR are for Android support, word suggestions and MS Exchange.

As I read here, the ‘bugs out of control’ phenomen seems only to occur on X10 II + III, It’s definitively not present on the X10, and on 64 bit Volla there is only the Camera bug, the rest works fine.

I can understand your annoyance but now you have an unlocked phone and a licence. Maybe you want to flash back to Android, so you can use the phone in a normal way in the mean time, and reflash SFOS if the next version is out and give it a second chance?

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Dont drink an post at midnight.

That is my personal lessons learned


’ …as if my whole body were covered in fleas’

Not a picture I would like to conjure up in my mind!

I have, due to undisclosed events in my past, made it a policy to only use passwords I am unable to type when drunk.

Makes for good passwords, and avoids embarassing tracks on the interwebs.


“Leila K - Electric” is sounding in my head when I read this thread :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:
(…sorry…couldn’t resist)


There seems to be a throwaway out of control.


The X10 is a hardware bug brick itself

Two of the three X10’s in the family had the ‘sticking screen bug’ and I repaired it, because it wasn’t a software bug but only a tottering contact of one connector inside the phone. After I fixed this, it works since 3 years and I have seen much less bugs than on other phone models.

Do not forget [in the X10III] the camera issues with the autofocus or the overexposure. Not a big problem in my opinion.

Yeah thx I know. Need to open em, too, as soon as I have time. So maybe in 3 years :smile:

As I understand it the original topic was intended as an ironic response to another thread, so not meant literally.

Thanks for all of your replies and discussion. After having communicated privately with @throwaway69, we agreed for me to close and archive this topic, to avoid causing any further confusion.

Please message me privately in case you disagree or have any concerns.