Thanks Jolla for all the efforts! [Upgrade to X10 III]


I used the Jolla 1 roundabout 4 years. After that, I upgraded to a XA2. It was a huge improvement regarding the overall experiences, the usability and the speed. Nowadays I got some issues, that are already highly mentioned at this forum. E.g. slowly loading camera app (if it loads at all), frequently crashing browser, no VoIP-Calls, very slow GPS.
Last week I decided to give the X10 III another try. So far, I do not regret. The overall experience is very fast, browsing the web now is really fun and comparable to android. Okay, some sites keep constantly crashing, but just very few ones. Seems to be not a memory issue to me.
I’m quite happy about the camera app. It’s opening fast and reliable. That’s a huge improvement to me!
As well as the GPS: all the navigation apps for sure benefit from the overall better resources. But the time to get a gps fix is very well. To me it’s roundabout 10-20s. And I’m quite happy with that. Compered to the XA2 the average accuracy also improved. So I can use my phone now as a quite good tracker for sports.

Why do I write all this down?
Well, there are at least two reasons. At first: A lot of questions in this forums are about problems and issues. And I think: that’s what’s this forum is supposed to do. Document, analyze and report all bugs. But to me this causes a shift in my perception. Most people which are happy with there phones and with SFOS will not write anything. I mean: for sure there are issues and problems. But besides that, jolla is doing a very great job. They resisted some very stormy days on there mission and are still developing this awesome OS. I’m thankful to them. That’s the reason why.

Second: I just want to document for myself my happiness with SFOS on the 10 III. I’m wondering, if my expectations to SFOS will shift in the next few years as they did on the XA2. To bad, my jolla 1 died and I can not compare them anymore.

To conclude: I’m very thankfull to jolla and look forward to all the stuff that’s coming next.


I am still on the XA2, and I am very happy with the improvements of the Sailfish OS 4.5! Agreed, I sometimes have to wait 10 seconds for the camera to come up or 2 minutes until it finally gets a GPS fix, but that is all I can complain about.
If I was on Android I would have ran out of security updates years ago. Sailfish helps me to keep my phone longer, living a bit more sustainable before I eventually replace it with a newer Sailfish phone. :slight_smile:


I agree with most of your statements. If only the core feature of a smartphone (which is mobile data connectivity) would work more reliably.


“But to me this causes a shift in my perception.”

People don’t talk about ontime trains.
If I’d not be interrested in tech aspects, I’d have no or very few reasons to write on this forum.

+1 for the sustainability that Jolla allows by keeping older phones like XA2 up.

Where I’d not fully agree with you: XA2 (flashed) makes me very happy and still works great !
I’m almost sure yours would also do. Perhaps a fresh reflash would help.

Anyway, my wife and a friend, both non-tech at all, are also using SFOS. They are happy too!


Maybe I will do this in some weeks. But for now, I need to migrate all that not so important stuff like podcasts, news feeds, wlan passwords, wlan configuration (quite difficult at the university), email configuration. I always forget them.

Actually, without VoLTE, after T-Mobile PL switched off 3G network, my XA2 Ultra with SFOS became basically a movie player. In order to be able to still use it as a phone, I’d need to reflash it with Android to get back VoLTE.