Text prediction missing (X10ii)

I cannot find text prediction in Jolla Store.
I have the purchased a license(4.1), but nothing comes up and the app is not there in Jolla apps.

What to do?

Also, I cannot install Microtube and Node.js from Storeman. I assume it has to do with 64 bit packages missing?

Is there another youtube plsyer availabke for the X10ii?

Missing text prediction is a known issue for Xperia 10 II in version 4.1. It has been added with 4.2 which is currently available for early adopters.


how to become an early adopter? :~)

I think this should still work. Do You Want Early Access To Sailfish OS Updates? Read This – Jolla Users Blog

I guess (and thus text prediction for the Xperia 10 II) will be released this week - it is my gut feeling, so I may be wrong. was the early access version and @jovirkku announced some bugfixes coming with So chances are good that you will have text prediction soon even without joining early access