Text input not reporting cursor or test updates with predictive text

Title says it all. Just add Label or textarea, set ontextupdated and it won’t fire when you type with predictive text till u make space

It helps a lot if you use the template for bug reports.


it also helps a lot if jolla would bother to check them

I know developping apps is a big effort an can be a hassle with debugging and so.
And making a proper bug repport is one more effort.
But if you do it, there’s hope that Jolla fixes it.
If you don’t, I guess there is fewer hope. As Jolla has a lot to do.

Perhaps not as fast as we’d like, but we see Jolla solving a good amount of bugs in every release.

You can use Bugger! to create the template, it eases a lot.

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I actually think that this is not even a bug, but a feature request. In a way it makes sense that predictive text input works that way. For the predictive text input a “token” that can be accepted is a whole word…

maybe there should be/ or even already are two signals…

a lot breaking to do that’s for sure

It has enough info as it is

That’s fine but if you hint to have no prediction, the behaviour doesn’t go away. I think i forgot to mention that

Thanks for waisting our time with that useless thread…

ah yes, reporting bugs is useless, you’re right jolla won’t bother with shit unless you fix it yourself

Reorting bug is a perfectly reasonable idea. There is a standard for that here. Which brings us back to Text input not reporting cursor or test updates with predictive text - #2 by thigg

And still nothing has been done as usual and as always