Tethering - steps to take on computer side?

XA2 H4113 and SFOS here. Could someone give me a hand with tethering?

When I connect the phone to my computer with the USB-cable, I get the dialogue where I select “Share internet connection” (it is in Danish on my phone, so the exact English wording may be a little off). I click on that and then on my computer, I can see that the interface, enp0s20u2, has been created. I then do

sudo ip link set enp0s20u2 up

I see that the interface is up and I thought I should have a connection, but I don’t. What else do I need to do?

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Actually nothing. Well on my side I do nothing more than branch the USB cable and click on Share the Internet Connection.

Which distribution are you using?

Nevermind, I had not installed dhcpcd. Everything is okay now. I won’t delete the post as this might still be useful information to someone else in the future.

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