[Testing] Screen Recorder - record screen to a video file

Hello. Just made the screen recorder app. This app is available for Sailfish OS and Aurora OS.
Uses vnc for screen data and ffmpeg api to encode it. This app is new and don’t use previous screen recorder app code.
Any feedback is welcome.

Available on openrepos:

Source code:

!!! This application require lipstick2vnc package to be installed !!!

  1. devel-su pkcon install lipstick2vnc -y
  2. reboot

More information about lipstick2vnc and VNC access:

p.s. Will try to publish later in Jolla Store. Right now rpm upload on harbour.jolla.com is broken.


Not broken, but: PSA: Store QA on vacation, it may take some time to get the application in the store.

Thanks good to know. But as I said rpm upload is broken on harbour atm, returns 500 error.

Ah yes, Harbour uploads time out it slipped my mind.

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Seems to work quite well, on a first quick test review. Testing further…
SFOS on Xperia X 10 III.

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Thanks for the app, I will try it!!
I hope that in a future version will be possible to add it as a shortcut in the top menu (to have it near the screenshot button :grimacing:)


They are still on vacation for all this month I guess.
That’s a BIG news! That’s an huge hole of SFOS yet. Should be implemented as OS-feature but we know Jolla. I’ll try this. Thank you

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One thing to note is that lipstick2vnc is currently configured to allow unauthenticated VNC access on all network interfaces on the USB network device.
This is NOT a good idea on an internet-connected device.


So, is it possible to configure lipstick2vnc to have authenticated communication between it and the screen recorder? :thinking:

But it is a very convenient configuration (ducks and runs).

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Not as-is, it needs code changes and a recompile.

MAYBE the systemd service can be modified to sandbox it to just allow access through lo, not sure.

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As far as I remember lipstick2vnc allows connections only via developer interface via usb.

Ah, it’s possible I misremembered that. Sorry if that is so.

Still, it is in any case unauthenticated.

Please @nephros update somehow your false statements in this thread, because they might confuse not experienced users.

Added link to info page about lipstick2vnc and VNC access:

Might be useful for everyone who interested in boundaries of lipstick2vnc.

No, also on localhost so you can connect via an ssh tunnel as per the docs. Still, not a security issue for screen recorder!

First quick test it works quite well! Thanks for making it! I’ll see how it fares with a godot rendering app running …

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Could we get a custom delay for the start of recording? :wink:

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No, also on localhost

Obviously vnc on localhost is accessible, but from security point of view this is much narrower hole than wide open port with external access which was discussed at beginning.

Personally I’d prefer some sort of secure API to access screen but right now this option doesn’t exists.

First quick test it works quite well! Thanks for making it!

Good to hear!

I thought about this feature also, but I don’t think this is valuable right now. This feature will put on another one, to cut several seconds at the end which isn’t possible to predict and require to run edit on already recorded file. Which brings us to implementation of some sort of video editor and this one adds over complexity for a simple app.

I like the idea, but I’m not sure that I’m able to implement it soon.

Right now I’m more interested to add basic features, like rotation (to be able to record landscape mode). It is portrait mode only at the moment.

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Device: Xperia XA2Plus / SFOS
Comparison ScreenCam (Android) with ScreenRecorder (SFOS):
With Screencam, you can set higher bit rates and the recording looks smoother(Testfile).
In Screenrecorder, the changed settings sometimes revert to the default values (Testfile) an no browser of mine (Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi) play this Video.