Testing CLAT for IPv6-only mobile networks

i’ve the problem described in this post: on my phone use a sim “very mobile” (a “windtre” company in italy) and I’ve installed the last version of connman in your repository the situation is:
-hotspot doesn’t work
-mobile internet work with 3g signal
-the connection is down after any call but on control panel describes “connected”

with the previous version:
-hotspot doesn’t test
-mobile internet work with 4g signal but select “preferred 3g” before and after “preferred 4g”
-the connection is down after call if preferred 4g is enabled and only for app android.

I see the instruction for enable log but don’t see connman file on /etc/sysconfig do you help me for enable it and send you a log file?
Very thanks


1.32+git194.15 tested OK: compared to the 1.32+git194.14 test above, no regression was observed but I cannot pronounce regarding the success of the index update: logs sent by e-mail. Looks good. Thank you for your great work on CLAT, also kudos to the repository manager and other testers! :+1:

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Hi, I have followed to the letter my own memo-post here Testing CLAT for IPv6-only mobile networks - #146 by canne several times now without any problems. Testing time is about 20 minutes. Record the output of line pkcon update and send it with your logs to make sure that you are testing the right modules 1.32+git194.15.

Lines after cat <<EOF >/etc/sysconfig/connman creates connman-file and the line rm -f /etc/sysconfig/connman removes it when the testing is finished.

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Thank you! And good that it works. This may be soon-ish merged and placed into next release (when that happens I have no idea yet).

This is common behavior without VoLTE that when you have active mobile data and you receive a call → mobile data gets usually dropped as only 2G and 3G networks support audio calls with the GSM protocols, whereas with 4G calls would use VoLTE, which uses mobile data instead.

These changes made for CLAT in ConnMan do not have any effect on which generation mobile network gets selected. Ofono does selection and passes information down to ConnMan.

Do you know that those networks use CLAT or are they supporting DUAL mode (IPv4 and IPv6) or are they IPv6 only networks? And based on this, which setting you have in the Settings → Cellular network → Data access point → Protocol?

@canne has laid out a nice post of how to gather logs.

Basic idea is that in /etc/sysconfig/connman you setup which files are included in debug output. Just for the usefulness of the logs please remember to make the changes to journalctl as well so the logs are not truncated. And revert the changes after you are done with testing because the logs will eat quite significant amount of space on the system. Rest should be quite self explanatory in that aforementioned post.

Wow just discovered this thread.
I’ve had issues with tethering with SFOS for a while using EE in the UK on an Xperia 10 III.
Is it likely to be merged into SFOS?