Temporarily disable wifi or other connectivity toggles

Feature request:
I would like to be able to temporarily disable wifi. I often find myself in locations with poor wifi coverage. I disable wifi, and use 4g data. But I forget to turn wifi back on again, inadvertently using precious data from my limited data plan.
For me, it would be very helpful to be able to turn of wifi for 10 or 30 minutes or something. This could as well be implemented for data, airplane mode, where I think it could be a welcome addition as well for some.

I think Situations might be the tool you need. I haven’t tried it myself, but it has been suggested many times on the forum.


At least it used to work quite well for exactly this kind of thing. I used to have it set up so that when I left home it would turn wifi off, and then when I came back it would turn wifi on again. I haven’t really used it lately so I don’t know how well it works with recent releases, but at least it used to work really well.

You are right. I know of this app, and have used it before, but I didn’t think of it.
Although there is always a risk of a maintainer stopping developing or maintaining an app, it is better to have an app to add non-basic features as “modules” through apps instead of inflating the OS and making it more complex to maintain.
One could argue if this would be a basic feature or not, but when the app provides enough functionality in an easy way (and it does), adding this feature to the OS is abundant.

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