Taming the QML-Mediaplayer

From my experience the QML Mediapplayer has a few problems that apps need to work around.

For example seeking does not (always?) work on paused files, thus you need to set the source, play it, and seek iirc.
If you look at gpodder or podqast or Talefish all contain hacks to work around issues. (QML files behind the links)

I tried to simplify podqast a bit, but apperantly tipped over the carefully crafted pile of calls to get everything working.

What I wondered, is, if this is just my impression, or if there is an easy way to handle this and I am just doing it wrong.

If you have experience with working with the mediaplayer, please share them. Maybe we can learn from each other.

The things that I remember right now which were complicated:

  • swapping the source and seeking to the old location immediatly (thus switching from streaming to downloaded file) (Found no way to do this without actually playing a bit of the file)
  • setting playbackspeed on streams

Had you looked at te LLs vPlayer? In my experience it was not bad at seeking in streams.