Switch between wifi and data-connection


I turn my wife-Connection manually off and the data-Connection on if I leave my home. So I think it will be a good idea if Sailfish get an option to switch the connection automatically.


If I turn WiFi off Sailfish should turn Data-Connection on and vice versa.

As it is, if you jave mobile data being used, and tjen turn on Wi-Fil it will automatically connect to wifi, until yoeturn off Wi-Fi, and tjen it will automatically go back to mobile data. I don’t see what would be gained by having your mobile data turned off while using Wi-Fi, and then have the phone automatically turn on mobile data when you turn off Wi-Fi. You’re still just pushing a button either way …

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Hmmm, sounds interesting ;-).


I disagree. It is not needed. The current settings are enough.

No need to keep mobile data off at home, it won’t be used when connected to WiFi anyway.
Same for having WiFi on when i leave home, i can’t see any adverse effects from it.

Only time i feel the need to mess with it is if i spend time on the edge of a WiFi network.

Why do you feel the need to change settings so often?

If you don’t want wifi on outside the house, then you don’t want your wifi on outside the house. Privacy or power saving might be two examples of why that I can think of.

There’s an app at openrepos called WiFiKilL3r that should do what you want. From the description: “This app will monitor your WiFi connection. And when it is not connected to a trusted network, it will shutdown your wifi device.”

I read this out loud to my wife, and she’s crying from the choice autocorrupt!

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I mean wifi-Connection. Sörry to all wives.


“If you don’t want wifi on outside the house, then you don’t want your wifi on outside the house.” What do you mean? you wrote the same thing twice in the sentence.

Privacy and Power saving were my ideas with this reqest.

I tried wifikill3r once. But it’s annoying when your wifi connection is unstable.

Maybe the App “Situations” from the Jolla-Store could help you.

I mean that if you want the capability, that’s all the reason you need.

And as s_mario mentioned, the situations app could also do the trick for you. Plus it can automate other stuff, like making the phone go silent during a regularly scheduled meeting time, just e.g.