Swedish translation error

@jahonen There is a misspell in Swedish translation string 564144. There should be no hyphen.

Thanks! I have now corrected this but it won’t make the next SW release, only the one after that.


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@eson, yes, this was probably a test balloon that got astray in the work to make as much as possible symmetric. I will put component hyphen noun on the review list again.

While you are all here, the I in Internet in sailjail-permissions has ended up being lowercase.
When i’m not logged in there is a checkbox for “needs work”, but i can’t see that when logged in, so just wanted to poke you if the suggestion to fix it doesn’t show up automatically.

@attah, ok, thanks. Put on list. This is on the other hand a style change on the horizon in the same spirit as TV -> tv with increased popularity/commonality, but it will probably not happen just yet. :slight_smile:

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It’s already happened. Officially you can spell it either way, and the recommendation is lowercase i.

@eson, yes, I know, the yet part of the comment was about this product and community. As coordinator I am all for for any of the next rounds if there are not a huge amount of change requests.

Hrmf… i’ll ignore that for now :slight_smile:
But the string i referred to is one among other permission names, all with initial capital letter.

@attah, yes, we take one step at a time …

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Sorry, a misunderstand on my side.

No worries, poor information on my part.

The same has happened in Finnish, too (sigh). Both internet and Internet are acceptable.

Interestingly, @attah is using the lowercase ‘i’ when referring to himself although it should be an uppercase ‘I’ according to English grammar. :sweat_smile:


@jovirkku I am still positively surprised how few instant messaging idiosyncrasies there are on the forum. But people maybe are using desktop broswers rather than the sfos browser, where typingvis certainly is a bit challenging for oldish people like me. :slight_smile: