Support of Signal messaging application

I installed the version that doesn’t need google services but it is not functional on SailfishOS:

  • it doesn’t have access to my contacts.
  • it can’t do audio/video calls

It seems that Whatsapp had a better support from Jolla on this (if I trust Nuuksio release notes), why not Signal?


Signal changed its contact retrieving method which makes it incompatible with SailfishOS.
You can still enter phone numbers that should correspondent to your contacts.


There are allot of people using signal and SailfishOS. And all of them have the same problem with the contacts.

For example:

Signal is a great messenger. SailfishOS is a great OS. But they are not working together.

Is there any progress? It´s such a pity.

@leszek Where you have this information from?

From the code itself. I was maintaining the Sailfish Edition of LibreSignal and know when the access to contacts changed and made it impossible to access contacts on SailfishOS.


There will be no signal client for SailfishOS from Open Whisper Systems, as seen in the post below.

But how it is possible, that the SailfishOS Android layer (Dalvik) is incompatible to an Android app?? It sounds like a bug in Dalvik. Is it possible to fix this somehow there?

The question is where is it possible to fix the bug, or how a workaround can look like.

well, there are many android apps, which are incompatible with Alien Dalvik. All apps, which use BT or apps which need additional services. so alien dalvik give you absolutely no warranty, that all android apps will run ot it…
if you app run on alien dalvik - you are lucky, if not? well than you need another app or true android phone…

There is some hope for all SailfishOS user. rubdos is working on a new version 0.6.0 of whisperfish:

It looks like there is some development in progress. He asks for feedback. So give whisperfish a try…

The official Signal application doesn’t work that well on SFOS, and Wisperfish is new and still in active development. I guess we have to pick between those, and the lacking contacts support tip the scale over to Wisperfish side for me… A native client is great in its own right, too!

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