Support for other languages in the application disappears

  1. Deleted *.ts files
  2. When compiling the application, *.ts files are created again.
  3. I enter some of the translations into *.ts files using Qt Creator.
  4. After compilation, the application supports translation into other languages.
  5. I enter the next part of the translations into *.ts files.
  6. After compilation, all translations in the application disappear.
    How to fix?

I can only assume you broke the syntax of the file.

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Or the build system does not compile the .ts files into updated .qm files and uses the outdated ones instead.

OR the translations are the using translation ID method (qsTrId and friends), but your build calls lrelease without the -idbased parameter. This will lead to empty .qm files.

OR the .qm files are either not packaged, or not installed in the correct place so the application does not find them.

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